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Sep 25, 2009 12:22 am

Capped and Gowned

Two economists responded to President Obama's decisions to cap the incomes of CEOs who take federal money (in the future) at $500,000. They obtained a list of college presidents and found that 59 presidents of public research universities and 31 presidents of private universities have compensation above $500,000.

Their findings were picked up by bloggers at Business Week and U.S. News -- but with a difference. Both bloggers interpreted the article as saying the idea of capping presidents' salaries was a good one. Business Week asked its readers to share their views.

The authors' irony escaped their attention.

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William Marina - 3/14/2009

Over the slightly more than 4 decades I taught, the salaries of college Presidents increased at a much greater rate than that of the Faculty.
In FL this certainly reflected the increased political role of the Presidents and of the System itself, and as even so-called "private" schools increased their research grants from various levels of Government. When we speak of Corporatism, the Schooling System, certainly the universities should be included as well.