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Aug 16, 2009 10:49 am

Ron Paul Debates Stephen Baldwin on Pot Legalization

Great job Ron!

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Keith Halderman - 3/15/2009

There has never been a single recorded death attributed to ingestion of marijuana. It has no toxicity ratio so you are correct.

William Marina - 3/14/2009

The link above to Egalitarianism and Empire at the Independent Institute web site does not appear to be working properly.
Here is another link to the article:

William Marina - 3/14/2009

One of the least appreciated aspects of the Imperial Culture of the Welfare State is "Boredom," as I pointed out many years ago in Egalitarianism and Empire.

Romans tried Alcohol, beer and especially wine, Sex, including competitive orgies, and Drugs, the favorite being a root, Helebore.

For the really adventuresome Male, there was, of course, Chariot Racing ala Ben Hur, and then the youth who often committed Suicide out of Boredom, often by going in against professional Gladiators, as recently portrayed in the film by Russell Crowe.

The Culture of Empire has changed only to the extent that the State now tries to control Drugs of all kinds, to protect us from ourselves, of course!

Mark Brady - 3/14/2009

Stephen Baldwin wears a tie, Ron Paul sports an open-necked shirt with not one but two buttons undone!

When I looked up Baldwin on Wikipedia, I read that "Since converting [shortly after 9/11], he has sought to evangelize young people through projects such as The Breakthrough Ministry, which involves skateboarding and extreme sports, Christian rock concerts, laser light shows and fireworks." Would I be correct in thinking that more kids have died from skateboarding and extreme sports than from marijuana since 9/11? Just asking.