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Aug 9, 2004 4:55 pm

Noted Here and There ...

How brave do you have to be to attend this year's Olympics in Athens? Tom Palaima, the Cliopatriarch of Texas, addresses the question over on the History News Network mainpage.

Slowly, but certainly, Scott McLemee posts additions from his substantial body of work to his website. The latest addition is his very thoughtful biographical sketch of C. L. R. James. If you haven't read it in print in American Visions, or even if you've read it in print already, here it is on the net. It's worth a re-read and so is James.

As I learn from my seniors, like C. L. R. James, so I learn from my juniors, especially thoughtful graduate students on the net. Adam Kotsko has a terrific post,"Every Birth of Meaning", about our attitude toward those from whom we've learned, even when we learn to disagree; and, at Mode for Caleb, Caleb's"Getting to the Point" offers some interesting thoughts about pacing and timing in writing history.

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