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I cannot keep the smile off my face. In the last minute, Israeli tennis players rallied and defeated their formidable Swedish opponents. IHT reports:

The triumph was front page news Monday in Israeli newspapers. The headline in Yediot Ahronot read,"They Defeated the Hatred."

"The feeling that you are isolated, that everyone outside is protesting against you, definitely gave the team more motivation," Yaakov said Monday."I think it is natural. In that situation it makes you want to play harder for your country, for your flag."

Israeli doubles player Andy Ram also credited the demonstrations outside the arena for pushing the team to victory.

"The protests and the expressions of hate only increased our motivation," he told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

The disgraceful Swedish treatment of the Israeli tennis players more than justifies Eli Tabori's outcry: "I would be ashamed of beeing a Swede" published by Stockholme News:

If I were you, I would have been ashamed to be a Swede, so should be some of your sensible readers.

The demonstration against the tennis match between Israel and Sweden took place in Malmö. Well, it wasn´t just about tennis of course, it was about hating everything Israel is, lying through their teeth about what Israel has done and hasn´t done, advocating for Hamas and in general hating Israel.

Left wingers and Muslims side by side once again. They first started with some speeches at Stortorget (where the Arabic mob chased and attacked a peaceful pro-Israeli rally a month before). The speakers said the normal gibberish; lies about the Gaza war, lies about “international law” and who breaks it, lies about numbers and totally insane logic in their reasoning. Nothing new about that.

An example: they advocate for Hamas, as usual…

On the way to Baltiska Hallen an Arab group started chanting some different slogans or verses in Arabic. One of those are when they sing about Khaybar; I.e. When Muhammed attacked a Jewish village, killed, pillaged and evicted the Jews. They sing about this and how Muhammeds army should return and… well, you get the point.

On the way to Baltiska Hallen some demonstrators fired some thing on the police threw paint on buildings but the real riots took place when they arrived at Baltiska Hallen. How that looked can be viewed here and here. As you all can see, the Swedish police did what they are used to: nothing. Video

They sat in their vehicles while the demonstrators pounded the cars with firecrackers, big stones and when they got on top of the roof and demolished the vehicle. Nice. This is how things are handled in Sweden, especially in Malmö where the police got their hands tied behind their back by the politicians, and the politicians in turn are left-wing, pro-Arab and anti-Israel which makes this mess to what it is.

Gentlemen, your lovely and peaceful country is overtaken by savage barbarians tragically aided by hallucinating radical left wingers at their side. Sports should never mix with politics, certainly not with violence.

When will you realize that your liberty and way of life are threatened by those to whom you, foolishly, gave asylum? If you do not react your life will be hell on earth- nothing less. You are not masters in your own home country! Your surrender to the hordes is not a badge of honor.

Bravo!!!Davis Cup fines Swedish tennis, bans Malmo as host

The Swedish tennis federation was fined $25,000 on Thursday and the city of Malmo banned from hosting Davis Cup matches for five years because of the decision to play Israel behind closed doors.

The Davis Cup Committee also said Sweden will lose its choice of venue if a similar situation happens again, and the country will be required to guarantee that future matches will be open to the public.

Sweden hosted Israel last month in the first round of the Davis Cup, losing 3-2. The best-of-five series was played behind closed doors because city officials said they couldn’t guarantee security at the venue. Critics, including the Israeli team, said Malmo was caving in to threats of violence from anti-Israel groups.

“The committee strongly condemned the decision by the city government of Malmo to refuse to allow spectators to attend the matches and the resultant fact that the Swedish Tennis Association played the tie behind closed doors,” the committee said in a statement.

Besides the $25,000 fine, the Swedish federation also will be forced to pay an additional $15,000, which would have been earned in gate receipts had the three days of play been open to spectators. The Swedes had asked that the obligation to pay that fee be waived, but the Davis Cup Committee denied their request.

According to the committee’s statement, the decisions were made Tuesday at a meeting in Amsterdam.

Swedish tennis federation chairman Stefan Dahlbo said his organization would appeal the decision, blaming the city of Malmo.

“It’s an unfortunate consequence of individual politicians trying to score political points,” Dahlbo said. “We thought the decision (by Malmo) was irresponsible and we still think so.”

The Sweden-Israel series was played shortly after Israeli player Shahar Peer was denied entry into the United Arab Emirates for the WTA’s Dubai Tennis Championships. Amid international condemnation, the government of the UAE granted Israeli player Andy Ram entry for the men’s tournament in the following week.

Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, has a left-leaning local government and a large Muslim minority. Its leaders strongly criticized Israel after the Gaza invasion, and some called for dropping the Davis Cup match against Israel altogether.

Stockholm has a center-right majority that is more pro-Israeli, and the Swedish capital offered to step in as an alternative venue, saying it was better prepared to guarantee security. But that plan was canceled when Stockholm officials realized they wouldn’t be able to get organized in time for the March 6-8 series.

Now, the Swedes will be forced to guarantee to the International Tennis Federation that every Davis Cup series in the Scandinavian country will be open to fans.

“This must be confirmed in writing by the Sweden Tennis Association to the ITF eight weeks before the commencement of each tie,” the committee said.

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Elliott Aron Green - 3/11/2009

The Arab demonstrators quoted by Tabori were chanting in their charming fashion:
Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud
Jaysh Muhammad sa ya'ud

Khaybar Khaybar O Jews,
Muhammad's army shall surely return!