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Aug 3, 2004 3:13 pm

The Holocaust Gas Chambers ... Pure Myth

Dr. Rif'at Sayyed Ahmad, director of the"Jaffa Research Center" in Cairo and columnist for Al-Liwaa Al-Islami, the official paper of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party, in a two-part article,"The Lie About The Burning of the Jews." (From MEMRI, republished by

The Zionist enterprise on the land of Palestine succeeded by means of lies and myths, from the myth of the 'Chosen People' and the 'Promised Land' to the lie about the burning of the Jews in the Nazi gas chambers during World War II. When these means were scientifically examined, it was proven that they were untrue, that their reasoning was weak, and that they cannot withstand the test of solid fact.

What interests us here is that this lie [about] the burning of the Jews in the Nazi crematoria has been disseminated throughout the world until our time in order to extort the West and make it easier for the Jews of Europe to hunt [sic] Palestine and establish a state on it, in disregard of the most basic principles of international law and the right of peoples to independent life without occupation. [This lie] was raised [also] so that [the Jews] would receive financial, technological, and economic aid from the West.

During the past 50 years, Germany alone gave a total of some $100 billion. Many European countries began to amend their laws so that they would be compatible with the Holocaust myth … and they toughened the regulations, resolutions, and laws convicting anyone who mocks this lie or tries to [state that] the number of victims was smaller – as happened to Muslim philosopher Roger Garaudy in France.

This entire situation has turned the Holocaust – that is, Hitler's operation of burning the Jews in gas chambers – into a drawn sword at the necks of historians and serious researchers in the West, and even in the East. At the same time, [the Holocaust] became profitable goods for the Zionist entity…

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Bradley Smith - 3/5/2008

I am new to this part of the site as well. I've been around here for a couple years but did not think to search the "Stupid" category (not a straight line).

The simplest way for a newbie to get a grasp on this issue might be to ask why Arthur Butz's The Hoax of the 20th Century, written 30 years ago, and condemned for 30 years by the professorial class, has yet to be examined by one (one) professor in a peer reviewed journal where--Professor Butz would be allowed to reply. You can get my take on this story at
It there is a problem with the link you can google The Irrational Vocabularly of the Professorial Class with Regard to the Holocaust Question.

Re the issue of anti-Semites forwarding revisionist arguments: it's true. Why would they not? It can be demonstrated that the H. story is rife with falsehood, deliberate lying, and nonsense. The H. story is a very big basket of goodies for those who want to dump on Jews. That does not mean that the Jews of Europe did not sufer a catastrophe during the Hitlerian Regime. They did.But keep in mind that most of these anti-Semites are either Republicans or Democrats.

It is also well to keep in mind that it is not the anti-Semites who have been doing the killing for America over the last century or so--it's been Democrats and Republicans all the way. As it is today. It is not the "anti-Semites" who are doing the killing in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or who are talking about killing the Iranians. It's Republicans and Democrats. Yet we are agreed to love these folk, the same who pay for the humiliation and subjugation of the Palestinians--and so much more.

Meanwhile, Germans are accused, endlessly, of behaving with a unique monstrosity during WWII. Those of us who argue that it cannot be deomonstrated that the German WMD existed (apologies to the fellow above who apparently "saw" them at Dachau), and that it cannot be demonstrated that six million Jews were murdered by Germans, think it only fair that the accused are deserving of a defense. It's the American way, or don't you think so?

THis is a historical question where those who want to examine the question in the routine way that all other historical questions are examined are slandered. Meanwhile, the professors will not touch books by Mattogno, Crowell, Graf, Rudolf, Butz, Faurisson, or any of the others who have demonstrated how much trash is in the H. story. Each is condemned, some are in prison at this moment for thought crimes (expressing doubt about the German WMD), others are in hiding, some have been beaten, all threatened.

Meanwhile, the professors stand by without protest. As a class they represent the "bystander" who allowed the Germans to put Jews into camps without protest. The difference is that Germans risked jail and worse to defend the persucuted, while the American professor risks nothing--except challenging taboo. A pitiful example for American students to be required to follow. Nevertheless, it is well represented by the folk who post on HNN.

Never address a revisionist argument seriously. Or, if you do (when?) never do so in a scholarly journal where you can demonstrate where the revisionist is wrong--because then you will have to mention those places where he is right.

Rather, the really neat thing for the professor to do is to name-call the revisionist, just as he used to name-call the other kids in school who would beat him at playing hop scotch.

Bradley Smith - 3/5/2008

To begin with, we should distinguish between the "Holocaust," a general term refering to an endless number of war stories, and the "gas chambers," which suggest a specific "weapon of mass destruction." Rvisionists have done a lot of work on the "gas chambers." It's easy to find it, if there is any interest whatever. You can begin at

Ellen Webb - 7/31/2007

I'm new to this site and have just read these entries. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what difference it makes whether it was six million or 3600 Jewish people and whether it was all the gas chamber or some other atrocity. Genocide by any other name would still smell like death. And when were the Nazis and/or SS known for "...identifying, chasing, arresting, questioning, charging, transporting, locking up, gassing till the remains are invisible..." They certainly didn't stop with Jewish people. Had they done those things they almost would have seemed - American.

Jeff David Moses - 3/25/2007

To Luc Show....

Thank you for your penetrating and highly suspect information. It was written truly from the perspective of someone still living in "Plato's Cave", next you will be posting about the "fact" that the lunar missions were fake as well.

Luc Show - 3/9/2006

I am sorry that you can’t see the truth. And also sorry for my “poor writing skills” which you assume is due to poor education.
You are wrong. I have just completed my Master in philosophy from a London university, and had my undergrad from Holland, after completing my school in Jerusalem, where I was born to Jewish parents. English is the fourth language I use, so apologies if it’s not up to the standard you expect.

I am not surprised though; you are, like most “myth followers” tend to insult rather than discuss. It is an easy trick to do when you have nothing to say. But again, I am not surprised; the way you have learnt about the Holocaust allowed no objectivity whatsoever, no questioning, no debate and no scientific or academic analysis (the critical type).

It is like walking in the dark, this myth transform teachers, students, academics, politicians and "normal" next-door type people like you, into “intellectual zombies” driven by the darkness of their manipulative aims, looking for anyone “who is not a zombie” with a brain to think with, to eat it away and try their best to convert him to be yet another zombie.
Hope for the day this myth to be debated openly and logically to come soon, till then, take care.

Luc Show

Heinrich Buchegger - 3/9/2006

Your Holocaust denial and hatred for Jews is a form of mental illness, as is all racism. I highly recommend you get some help. Your poor writing skills and faulty logic are a sign of your ignorance and poor education. Germans have admitted to the horrors of the Holocaust, documented it, and have attempted to apologize for the evils of the Nazi regime. Your anger is eating away at your soul. Stop reading from the cult of hatred and blaming others for your problems.

Luc Show - 2/1/2006

I have been to most of the sites where the "Holocaust" is supposed to have happened. I have seen absolutely nothing to support that six million people were killed there. The Operational task of identifying, chasing, arresting, questioning, charging, transporting, locking up, gassing till the remains are invisible for six million people in few years is impossible. It would have taken hundreds of years to do such thing. Especially if the country doing so is in state-of-war and under attack.

The Holocaust as its pictured by the Zionist movement is a myth. It was part of an agreement between the Zionist and the Nazi for 3600 Jews, who were arrested for varies civil crimes, to be dramatically killed in a highly publicised way, for both parties to achieve their objectives. The Nazis will put the fear in the heart of the Jews so they leave the country, leaving behind them their Jews-exclusive wealth, and for the Zionists to have the initial (European) population of the “promised land”.

Also this provided the Zionists with a guaranteed long-term legal, financial and technological support from countries fall into the blackmail of this myth.
It is a much protected myth. With the west greatest value of freedom of speech, everyone is allowed, even encouraged, to debate known facts. However, no one (that’s NO ONE) is allowed to discuss, doubt, research or dismiss this “historic fact”. It is against the Law to do so!

It was planted like the purest fact on this universe in the heads of young European and American students, from a very young age, as the crime (and the only crime) they will have to feel guilty about and pay-for, for the rest of their lives. You hear them say things like “ I will pray for your soul, you need it” or “ any one that say gas chambers are a pure myth has to be cold hearted” or even “to say the Holocaust didn't happen is so wrong as to be evil”. All such statements are weak and unsupported by other than some emotions. I challenge anyone to come out with a logical, scientific or historic independent research supporting this myth.

It is yet another Manipulating Cash Cow for the Zionist and the Jewish State. After the expiry of the 'Chosen People' and the 'Promised Land', this myth is protected, communicated and enforced to never expire.

Becca E Thompson - 1/11/2005

I think that anyone who says that the gas chambers are a pure myth has to be cold hearted!Several people died in these cruel inventions!Whats wrong with you?¿? I pray for your soul!and trust me ur gonna need it!

jason laster - 12/17/2004

I really do not understand why the germans killed people other then them selves. What si the difference between germans that make the jews or homosexuals differ from them. Race yes maybe relijen but not the way they should be treated. If you have any ppictures of the inside of the gas chamber i would like to see some for a project. You may email me.

Michael Harrington Weems - 11/16/2004

While I understand how the author may dislike any history which lends sympathy to his opponents, to say the Holocaust didn't happen is so wrong as to be evil. Either he is an outright liar, or an incredibly ignorant man. I have stood in Dachau and seen the cremation chambers. Worse, I have been at the scene of mass graves in the former Yugoslavia. For any person of supposed faith to deny their truth (in either generation) is to step away from their humanity. I decry these words, and pray for his soul.

MHWeems, Major(r), USAF