Jul 21, 2004 10:50 pm


If the rise in AID victims would have followed the trajectory of the French anti-Semitism victims, the person advocating a difficult cure would not have been the one asked to apologize. Last night French TV broadcast a number of interviews with French citizens who emigrated to Israel as well as some who are still bidding their time. The problem, explained one young couple, is not confined to religious Jews living in Arab neighborhoods but it extends to secular Jews who no longer feel"at home" in France. Why?"Because of the anti-Semitism of the intellectual left," they answered.

Even Jews who decided to stay and fight, told the TV interviewers that they no longer felt at home in France. The Zionist movement was attacked when it urged the German Jews to leave in the Thirties, Sharon is attacked today. Yes, I know that the French State is supposedly opposing anti-Semitism but the truth is that the legitimization of anti-Semitism in France began with De Gaulle's infamous comment after the Six Day War (which his experts assured him Israel was going to lose) that the Jews are"proud and superior people" and is continuing with Saddam Hussein's bosom buddy, Chiraq's hauty declaration that Sharon is not welcome in France. Has Chiraq (or any other prime minister) known to have made a similar pubic declaration about another head of government? Apparently, the prime minister of the Jewish State is different.

Sharon was asked a question and responded in the only way a prime minister of Israel could respond. Chiraq is up in arms because the truth stings. It's time for the French Jews to go. Thank God, this time they have a place to go.

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