Feb 17, 2009 2:39 pm


Hi Judith,

I read this article a few days ago, which says the same as you sent. The article reads that the Danish Jews no longer feel safe in Denmark especially due to the conflict in Gaza. two Israelis were shoot at in Odense.

A center that registre race discrimination has registred more people coming to them already now in 2009 than they had in all 2008.

One feels threathned because of their religion, one does not use symbols as soon as he leaves his home. People spit, throw stones and shout at you.

Benjamin works with young people, he hides his religion when he is working because he works with muslim children. When they bully each other, it is with words like :"you are like a Jew","die like a Jew","be killed like a Jew". When he hears that every day, he does not want to tell he is a Jew.

Another Jew, David, has decided to move to Israel, since he was attacked, because he wearing Magen David. But because of threaths and attacks, he takes the consequences and will move to Israel - it will be easier to live like a Jew there.

This was my, very roughly translation of the article (and I did not have a dictionary, so it is probably not correct ;o))

But it is awfull the way things have turned. I am ashamed that people react this way. I was very"happy" during the war in Gaza, that the Danish Government supported Israel even though the public opinion was more or less opposite.

I remember Herbert Pundik (the farther of Ron Pundak) said: The Jews have, through history, been victimized, when things went wrong. This history have followed every Jew through the times. When the state of Israel became a reality, for the first time in almost 2000 years, the Jews were able to defend themselves. This right the Jews will never give up - that's why they fight fiercily for her.

Then I thank G-d for the state of Israel, when the rest of the world apparently does not do to great a job. Today, in Denmark, there will be a demonstration against neo nazism, for that I am greatfull. But when it comes to some of the muslims living in Denmark, there is a big problem. They are creating a problem with the Danish Jews. And the Danes are not doing much about it. I do not know what is worst...

But I guess now is the time when all of us react!!!

Hope you enjoy your vacation. I also wish for a place with summerly weather, in stead of winter, snow and minus 10 degrees Celcius as we experience today in Denmark.

Take care, and say hello to your family

Med venlig hilsen


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