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Feb 13, 2009 4:53 am

Is Obamania Stopping Us From Questioning Obama's Competence?

Wow, the descent from “Yes We Can” to “I screwed up” has been rapid – and unnerving. It hurts me to write this post. Like the millions who were in Washington on Inauguration Day, and the billions who watched around the world, I want Barack Obama to succeed, America needs Obama to succeed. But as American patriots – and as historians – we cannot be so blinded by our hopes and his charms that we overlook the truth. Obama’s Keystone Kops Cabinet farce would be funny if it were not so tragic. His utter failure to put together an effective team without getting so much egg on his face plays to one of my greatest fears about Obama. As an academic who has never been an administrator (beyond one year as department chair), I wondered how he, with only minimally more administrative experience, could take on one of the most complicated executive jobs in history. So far, the results are depressing.

Let’s imagine what would have happened had George W. Bush entered the White House, with one nominee for Commerce Secretary already withdrawn because of an investigation the most basic background check should have uncovered. All we would have heard about was Republicans’ corruption and Team Bush’s incompetence. Imagine it was followed by a trio of tax slobs, topped by a new Commerce Secretary from across the aisle who realized a week after his nomination that he and the administration were incompatible. (One wonders, did it take that long for Judd Gregg to realize that he was a conservative Republican and that the Republicans lost, he was being hired by a Democratic president?) And then, to top it all off, imagine if one of the tax slackers, who, by the way, was now in charge of the Internal Revenue Service, whose services were so in need his careless paperwork was overlooked, launched a critical financial program in such a nervous, vague, hamhanded way, the stock market plummeted after his presentation. This personnel trainwreck would have created a Tsunami of contemptuous laughter, particularly among reporters, pundits, and comedians.

This narrative suggests political bias, that the so-called “liberal media” was tough on George W. Bush, the Republican, and soft on Barack Obama the great liberal democratic hope. But former President Bill Clinton – and any of the many Clinton retreads still getting used to their return to power – could remind us all that Bill Clinton was pummeled mercilessly when his Attorney General nominee, Zoe Baird, had to withdraw because of her nanny problems, and the next leading candidate, Judge Kimba Wood, was caught in a similar embarrassment.

These – by contrast, relatively minor errors – saddled Clinton’s administration with a reputation for buffoonery. Clinton had a terrible time trying to shift the broader narrative and prove that he was indeed ready for prime time. To achieve that, he ended up having to reassign one of his young superstars, George Stephanopoulos, and hire an older Washington hand, David Gergen, within six months.

Careful analyses of the 2008 presidential campaign will discover a systematic bias in favor of Obama. His story was fresher, more compelling, and thus less scrutinized than Hillary Clinton’s, John McCain’s, or the other also-rans. Even some journalists have admitted in retrospect that many reporters liked Obama, loved the idea of Obama, and frequently gave him a free pass.

Still, there may also be a more benign explanation. The financial meltdown has sobered Americans – and reporters. Barack Obama’s call for a new, more constructive politics have resonated. This really is not the time for the kind of partisan, “gotcha” bickering that has marred our politics for so long.

All this makes Obama’s repeated missteps so disturbing. The stakes are too high for amateur hour. Obama needs to explain why his personnel process has been so spectacularly incompetent, what he is going to do to fix it, and what he has learned from this experience. There is a lot of goodwill and desperation out there, both of which Obama has been able to tap effectively. But rather than just talking beautifully, he must start governing competently.

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Evan Shawn Powell - 2/18/2009

A partisan article, ignoring the partisan conservative media, about the partisan liberal media, complaining that being partisan covers up partisan liberal incompetence, ignoring partisan conservative incompetence, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oscar Chamberlain - 2/18/2009

I notice that you did not refer to his attempt at bipartisanship with people unwilling to respond. Is that another one of his errors to which we are blind?

My point is not that he has not made mistakes in the areas that you point out. He has. My point is that among his other mistakes was his following through on an idea that you have made central to your posts.

kenny nmn komodo - 2/16/2009

"Obama needs to explain why his personnel process has been so spectacularly incompetent, what he is going to do to fix it, and what he has learned from this experience."

I have some answers for you:

1. Obambi himself is an incompetent administrator. He is a campaigner. Period.

2. He will blame the vast right wing conspiracy, the republican party, Sean Hannity or President Bush.

3. He has learned that he must be a more capable liar.

R.R. Hamilton - 2/16/2009

"Mistakes will be made, people will be compromised, but it is also a process that has come out of the failures of the Bush-Cheney administration

I knew the Obots would find a way to blame even the bad weather on Bush, but their own nominees' tax cheating? It seems that everytime I think I can't become any more cynical, I realize that I just can't keep up.

Cary Fraser - 2/16/2009

Given the incompetence of the press in its deference ot the Bush campaign for war in Iraq, I am not sure that it is in a position to raise questions about anyone's competence.
Further, Obama's problems with some of his nominees raises an interesting question - can any administration come into office without some members being tainted by political or personal baggage? Obama's problem may be telling us that American political culture is not a model of clean government - and that campaigning for change will not automatically produce cleanliness.
Finally, Obama's election represents the beginning of an inter-generational transfer of power. Mistakes will be made, people will be compromised, but it is also a process that has come out of the failures of the Bush-Cheney administration - failures produced by both hubris and incompetence. Even with the best of intentions, can the Obama generation clean the mess that has been left behind? That will be the true measure of Obama's competence as a leader.

Michael Green - 2/16/2009

Unfortunately, Professor Troy's failure here is the opposite of what the previous commenter mentions in his partisan railing. Studies have shown demonstrably that during the 2000 campaign, George W. Bush benefited from a far friendlier and more pliant press corps than Al Gore, and that the friendly coverage carried over into his administration is evident. Do I say that as a partisan? I say it as a partisan who has studied what others have said about the subject, rather than reaching the knee-jerk conclusions of the commenter and, it appears, albeit with more decorum and thought, Professor Troy.

John D. Beatty - 2/16/2009

The mass media, and the liberal establishment, look no deeper than the color of Obama's skin. If they did, as others do, they would see just a photogenic Cook County hod-carrier with at Chautauqua tent delivery and a picturebook family mouthing slogans as fed to him by his handlers, and doing exactly what the party tells him to do.