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February 2 & 9, 2009








  • The Lincoln Canon: There are too many Lincoln books. Which are indispensable? - WaPo, 2-8-09
  • David W. Blight on Ronald C. White Jr.: Abe the Intellectual A new biography highlights Lincoln's curious mind and constant jottings A. LINCOLN A Biography - WaPo, 2-8-09
  • Catherine Clinton: On Her Own Why hasn't Mary Todd Lincoln emerged from her husband's shadow? MRS. LINCOLN A Life - WaPo, 2-8-09
  • William Safire: Reviews of New Lincoln Books Lincoln Monuments - NYT, 2-8-09
  • Laying claim to Lincoln: States go all out for celebration of 16th president's bicentennial - Indianapolis Star, 2-8-09
  • Lots of Lincoln: 16th president everywhere as his 200th birthday approaches - Columbus Dispatch, 1-25-09


  • AHR won't be considering article about Kutler's Watergate transcripts - Note to Peter Klingman from the staff of the American Historical Review in response to his submission, 2-6-09
  • Stanley Kutler: Attacked by historian Peter Klingman in frontpage NYT news story New York Times frontpage story, 1-31-09
  • Spencer Crew: Time to end Black History Month? "I don't see it going away," said Spencer Crew, a history professor at George Mason University, adding that a diverse year-round history curriculum can still be augmented in depth during Black History Month."There's a Women's History Month," Crew said."No one would argue that we don't need to be reminded of women who have done things that are important." - AP, 2-6-09
  • Wayne Glasker: Black History Month holds greater meaning this year: "It's important to remember what everyone has done," said Wayne Glasker, an associate professor of history and director of the African American Studies Program at Rutgers University-Camden."I do think the election of a black president has an impact on young people. They see possibilities that older generations perhaps did not see. You lead by example and this is a wonderful example for the younger generation." - Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ, 2-1-09
  • Black History at Lunchtime Series runs through February at Vanderbilt University: The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center will host a series of free, public lunchtime discussions led by academic leaders in celebration of Black History Month. The Black History at Lunchtime Series:"The Quest for Black Citizenship in the Americas" will begin Wednesday, Feb. 11, at noon in the Black Cultural Center's auditorium. -


    On This Day in History....

  • 08/02/1622 - King James I disbands the English parliament
  • 08/02/1690 - French and Indian troops set Schenectady settlement NY on fire
  • 08/02/1837 - 1st VP chosen by Senate, Richard Johnson (Van Buren admin)
  • 08/02/1861 - Confederate States of America organizes in Montgomery, Ala
  • 08/02/1865 - 1st black major in US army, Martin Robinson Delany
  • 08/02/1887 - Dawes Act passed (indians living apart from tribe granted citizenship)
  • 08/02/1894 - Enforcement Act repealed, making it easier to disenfranchise blacks
  • 08/02/1904 - Russo-Japanese War begins
  • 08/02/1915 -"Birth of a Nation" opens at Clune's Auditorium in LA
  • 08/02/1940 - Lodtz, 1st large ghetto established by Nazis in Poland
  • 08/02/1942 - Congress advises FDR that, Americans of Japanese descent should be locked up en masse so they wouldn't oppose the US war effort
  • 08/02/1944 - 1st black reporter accredited to White House, Harry McAlpin
  • 08/02/1969 - Last edition of Saturday Evening Post
  • 08/02/1971 - South Vietnamese troops invade Laos
  • 08/02/1973 - Senate names 7 members to investigate Watergate scandal
  • 09/02/1775 - English Parliament declares Mass colony is in rebellion
  • 09/02/1825 - House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams 6th US president
  • 09/02/1861 - Tennessee votes against secession
  • 09/02/1861 - Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens elected president and VP of CSA
  • 09/02/1942 - Daylight Savings War Time goes into effect in US
  • 09/02/1943 - FDR orders minimal 48 hour work week in war industry
  • 09/02/1950 - Sen Joseph McCarthy charges State Dept infested with 205 communists
  • 09/02/1964 - 1st appearance of Beatles on"Ed Sullivan Show" (73.7 million viewers)
  • 10/02/1676 - Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all men in Lancaster Mass
  • 10/02/1763 - Treaty of Paris ends French-Indian War, surrendering Canada to England
  • 10/02/1934 - 1st Jewish immigrant ship to break the English blockade in Palestine
  • 10/02/1954 - Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam
  • 10/02/1967 - 25th Amendment (Presidential Disability and Succession) in effect
  • 10/02/1989 - Ron Brown chosen 1st black chairman of a major US party (Democrats)
  • 11/02/1531 - Henry VIII recognized as supreme head of Church in England
  • 11/02/1768 - Samuel Adams letter, circulates around American colonies, opposing Townshend Act taxes
  • 11/02/1790 - Society of Friends petitions Congress for abolition of slavery
  • 11/02/1861 - US House unanimously passes resolution guaranteeing noninterference with slavery in any state
  • 11/02/1861 - President-elect Lincoln takes train from Spingfield IL to Wash DC
  • 11/02/1945 - Yalta agreement signed by FDR, Churchill and Stalin
  • 11/02/1953 - Pres Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple
  • 11/02/1531 - Henry VIII recognized as supreme head of Church in England
  • 11/02/1752 - Pennsylvania Hospital, the 1st hospital in the US, opened
  • 11/02/1768 - Samuel Adams letter, circulates around American colonies, opposing Townshend Act taxes
  • 11/02/1790 - Society of Friends petitions Congress for abolition of slavery
  • 11/02/1811 - Pres Madison prohibits trade with Britain for 3rd time in 4 years
  • 11/02/1861 - US House unanimously passes resolution guaranteeing noninterference with slavery in any state
  • 11/02/1861 - President-elect Lincoln takes train from Spingfield IL to Wash DC
  • 11/02/1945 - Yalta agreement signed by FDR, Churchill and Stalin
  • 11/02/1953 - Pres Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple
  • 12/02/1733 - Georgia founded by James Oglethorpe, at site of Savannah
  • 12/02/1793 - 1st US fugitive slave law passed; requires return of escaped slaves
  • 12/02/1825 - Creek Indian treaty signed. Tribal chiefs agree to turn over all their land in Georgia to the government and migrate west by Sept 1, 1826
  • 12/02/1865 - Henry Highland Garnet, is 1st black to speak in US House of Reps
  • 12/02/1873 - Congress abolishes bimetallism and authorizes $1 and $3 gold coins
  • 12/02/1909 - National Assn for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) forms
  • 12/02/1915 - Cornerstone laid for Lincoln Memorial in Wash DC
  • 12/02/1924 - President Calvin Coolidge makes 1st presidential radio speech
  • 12/02/1950 - Sen Joe McCarthy claims to have list of 205 communist govt employees
  • 12/02/1962 - Bus boycott starts in Macon, Georgia
  • 13/02/1566 - St Augustine, Florida founded
  • 13/02/1635 - Oldest US public institution, Boston Latin School founded
  • 13/02/1861 - Abraham Lincoln declared president
  • 13/02/1864 - Miridian Campaign fighting at Chunky Creek and Wyatt, Mississippi
  • 13/02/1895 - Moving picture projector patented
  • 13/02/1907 - English suffragettes storm British Parliament and 60 women are arrested
  • 13/02/1957 - Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizes in New Orleans
  • 13/02/1968 - US sends 10,500 additional soldiers to Vietnam
  • 14/02/1130 - Jewish Cardinal Pietro Pierleone elected as anti-pope Anacletus II
  • 14/02/1689 - English parliament places Mary Stuart/Prince Willem III on the throne
  • 14/02/1848 - James K Polk became 1st pres photographed in office (Matthew Brady)
  • 14/02/1876 - A G Bell and Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor
  • 14/02/1896 - Theodor Herzl publishes"Der Judenstaat"
  • 14/02/1949 - 1st session of Knesset (Jerusalem Israel)
  • 14/02/1962 - 1st lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducts White House tour on TV
  • 14/02/1971 - Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House
  • 15/02/1851 - Black abolitionists invade Boston courtroom rescueing a fugitive slave
  • 15/02/1861 - Ft Point completed and garrisoned (but has never fired cannon in anger)
  • 15/02/1862 - Grant's major assault on Ft Donelson, Tennessee
  • 15/02/1879 - Congress authorizes women lawyers to practice before Supreme Ct
  • 15/02/1903 - 1st Teddy Bear introduced in America, made by Morris and Rose Michtom
  • 15/02/1918 - 1st WW I US army troop ship torpedoed and sunk by Germany, off Ireland
  • 15/02/1929 - St Valentine's Day massacre (Chicago)
  • 15/02/1933 - Pres-elect Franklin Roosevelt survives assassination attempt
  • 15/02/1965 - Canada replaces Union Jack flag with Maple Leaf




  • Michael Kazin: A Liberal Revival of Americanism - WaPo, 2-8-09
  • Alan Brinkley: Railing Against the Rich ... A Great American Tradition - WSJ, 2-7-09
  • Niall Ferguson: Keynes can't help us now - LAT, 2-6-09
  • Tevi Troy: Trojan Horse Threats to American health care lurk within the stimulus package - Weekly Standard, 1-29-09


  • Patrick Tyler: Friends and Enemies, Enemies and Friends A WORLD OF TROUBLE The White House and the Middle East — From the Cold War to the War on Terror - NYT, 2-6-09
  • Barry Werth: Intellectual Selection: BANQUET AT DELMONICO'S Great Minds, the Gilded Age, and the Triumph of Evolution in America - NYT, 2-1-09
  • Adrian Desmond and James Moore, Adam Gopnik: Charles Darwin, Abolitionist: DARWIN'S SACRED CAUSE How a Hatred of Slavery Shaped Darwin's Views on Human Evolution, ANGELS AND AGES A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life NYT, 2-1-09
  • Adrian Desmond and James Moore: DARWIN'S SACRED CAUSE How a Hatred of Slavery Shaped Darwin's Views on Human Evolution, First Chapter - NYT, 2-1-09
  • Adam Gopnik: ANGELS AND AGES A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life, First Chapter - NYT, 2-1-09
  • Cari Beauchamp: Ready for His Close-Up JOSEPH P. KENNEDY PRESENTS His Hollywood Years NYT, 2-1-09
  • Peter Martin, Jeffrey Meyers: Lives of Johnson SAMUEL JOHNSON A Biography, SAMUEL JOHNSON The Struggle NYT, 2-1-09
  • Robin Wilson: How to Measure a Cheshire Grin?: LEWIS CARROLL IN NUMBERLAND His Fantastical Mathematical Logical Life: An Agony in Eight Fits - NYT, 2-1-09
  • Jessica Helfand: Still Life, with Scissors and Glue SCRAPBOOKS An American History - WaPo, 2-1-09
  • Steven Johnson: Breath of Thought: THE INVENTION OF AIR A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and the Birth of America - NYT, 1-25-09
  • Adam Kirsch: Judaism's Redefiner BENJAMIN DISRAELI - NYT, 1-25-09
  • Claire Berlinski: Thatcher's Legacy "THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE" Why Margaret Thatcher Matters NYT, 1-18-09
  • Mark K. Updegrove: Crisis Management BAPTISM BY FIRE Eight Presidents Who Took Office in Times of Crisis - NYT, 1-18-09
  • Alan Brinkley: 'This Is Our Moment' - NYT, 1-18-09
  • Gwen Ifill: Demographics and Destiny THE BREAKTHROUGH Politics and Race in the Age of Obama NYT, 1-18-09
  • David Greenberg on Adam Cohen and Burt Solomon: Fearless Leader NOTHING TO FEAR FDR's Inner Circle and the Hundred Days That Created Modern America, FDR V. THE CONSTITUTION The Court-Packing Fight and the Triumph of Democracy - NYT, 1-18-09
  • Burt Solomon: FDR V. THE CONSTITUTION The Court-Packing Fight and the Triumph of Democracy , First Chapter - NYT, 1-18-09
  • Eric J. Sundquist: A New National Scripture KING'S DREAM - NYT, 1-18-09
  • Eric J. Sundquist: KING'S DREAM, First Chapter - NYT, 1-18-09


  • Jon Meacham: AMERICAN LION #5 -- (11 weeks on list) - 2-8-09
  • THE AMERICAN JOURNEY OF BARACK OBAMA, by the editors of Life magazine. #7 -- (11 weeks on list) - 2-8-09
  • Niall Ferguson: THE ASCENT OF MONEY #12 -- (7 weeks on list) - 2-8-09
  • Gwen Ifill: THE BREAKTHROUGH #13 -- (1 week on list) - 2-8-09
  • Ronald C. White Jr: A. LINCOLN #13 - 2-8-09
  • Adam Cohen: NOTHING TO FEAR - #27 - 2-8-09
  • Liza Mundy: MICHELLE - #28 - 2-8-09
  • Evan Thomas: A LONG TIME COMING #30 - 2-8-09




  • Jennifer Bean Bower"Across Generations, Traces of a Poor Maid’s Murder": Jennifer Bean Bower, a Winston-Salem historian who has written about the case, cites the power of oral tradition, a power transcending the passage of 115 years."There were a lot of people who remembered," she says."People who were children who saw the hanging and told their descendants." - NYT, 2-2-09
  • Frank Snowden: Becoming the professor 'Associates in Teaching' program to offer doctoral students the opportunity to plan, teach Yale courses:"graduate students should benefit enormously from such an experience in terms of their career development... Additional opportunities of this type to gain valuable teaching experience should also be an asset in a job market that looks as though it will be tight, at least in the near future. Most of all, however, this program should provide a productive and exciting educational experience both for the graduate students and for the professors involved." - Yale Daily News, 1-28-09










  • David Levering Lewis: Obama election won't resolve 'problems of race,' historian says - Baltimore Sun, 2-8-09
  • Benny Morris: Protestors oppose speech by Israeli historian, author -, 2-2-09
  • Norman Naimark: Encourages young historians: 'They can do better than we can': Naimark gave his talk,"Passing the Torch: Thoughts about History, Teaching, and Mentorship," on Jan. 29 for the Award-Winning Teachers on Teaching series sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University - Stanford Report, 1-30-09


  • February 11-12, 2009: Scholars to hail Darwin at university The origin of a long debate - Online Athens, GA, 2-7-09
  • February 13, 2009: History forum highlights Dutch capitalism in America: A look at Dutch commercial capitalism in America is the focus of the next history forum presented by the California State University, Bakersfield history department. Oliver Rink will present Wampum, Furs and Builders: Dutch Commercial Capitalism Comes to America. The talk will provide a glimpse into the trading empire of the United Provinces of the Netherlands on Friday, Feb. 13, at 3:30 p.m. in the Albertson Room. - Mas, CA, 2-5-09
  • February 23, 2009: The University of Southern Indiana College of Liberal Arts symposium"Abraham Lincoln's Life and Legacy" has been rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 23. The symposium was originally scheduled for yesterday but the USI campus was closed due to the winter storm. - Henderson Gleaner, KY, 1-29-09
  • February 24, 2009: Michael Burlingame, Abe Lincoln scholar coming to town: Northwestern Oklahoma State University will participate in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, during an event on Tuesday, Feb. 24, from 7 to 9 p.m. in Herod Hall Auditorium. -
  • April 3-4, 2009:The Obama Phenomenon: Race and Political Discourse in the United States Today, University of Memphis


  • C-SPAN2:BOOK TV: Politics,"The Reagan I Knew" Author: William F. Buckley, Sunday at 7:00 PM, and Monday at 3:00 AM
  • PBS: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln at 8 p.m. Feb. 9. on the American Experience - PBS
  • History Channel:"The Samurai," Monday, February 9, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld: Alcatraz Down Under," Monday, February 9, @ 9pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Ancient Discoveries: Ancient New York ," Monday, February 9, @ 10pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Nostradamus: 2012," Tuesday, February 10 16, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters: Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters," Wednesday, February 11, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Battlefield Detectives: The Civil War: Gettysburg," Wednesday, February 11, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Battlefield Detectives: The Civil War: Antietam," Wednesday, February 11, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Horrors at Andersonville Prison: The Trial of Henry Wirz," Wednesday, February 11, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Lincoln," Thursday, February 12, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Investigating History: Lincoln: Man or Myth?," Thursday, February 12, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Conspiracy?: Lincoln Assassination," Thursday, February 12, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom," Friday, February 13, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Deep Sea Detectives: Slave Ship Uncovered!," Friday, February 13, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Wrath Of God: Snowbound: The Curse of the Sierra," Friday, February 13, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Wrath Of God: Buffalo Blizzard: Siege and Survival," Friday, February 13, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"History's Mysteries: Ship of Gold," Friday, February 13, @ 7pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld," Marathon, Saturday, February 14, @ 2-5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The White House: Behind Closed Doors," Saturday, February 14, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre," Saturday, February 14, @ 10pm ET/PT


  • Daniel Mark Epstein: Lincoln's Men: The President and His Private Secretaries, January 27, 2009
  • Susan Jacoby, The Age of American Unreason (Reprint), February 10, 2009
  • Thomas E. Ricks, The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008, February 10, 2009
  • David Elliot Cohen, Obama: The Historic Front Pages, February 11, 2009
  • The New York Times, Obama: The Historic Journey, February 16, 2009
  • Michael Burlingame, Abraham Lincoln: A Life, February 24, 2009
  • Paul D. Escott, What Shall We Do with the Negro?: Lincoln, White Racism, and Civil War America, March 1, 2009
  • David Donald, Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War, March 1, 2009
  • Joel C. Rosenberg, Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson and Jesus Are Battling to Dominate the Middle East and Transform the World, March 10, 2009
  • Neal Bascomb, Hunting Eichmann: How a Band of Survivors and a Young Spy Agency Chased down the World's Most Notorious Nazi, March 11, 2009
  • Jeff Guinn, Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, March 10, 2009
  • Karen Greenberg, The Least Worst Place: Guantanamo's First 100 Days, March 13, 2009
  • William Greider, Come Home, America: The Rise and Fall (And Redeeming Promise) of Our Country, March 17, 2009
  • John Guy, Daughter's Love: Thomas More and His Dearest Meg, March 17, 2009
  • John Gill: 1809 Thunder on the Danube: Napoleon's Defeat of the Habsburgs, Vol. II: The Fall of Vienna and the Battle of Aspern, March 19, 2009
  • Alan Huffman, Sultana: Surviving the Civil War, Prison, and the Worst Maritime Disaster in American History, March 24. 2009
  • Amir Taheri, The Persian Night: Iran from Khomeini to Ahmadinejad, March 25, 2009
  • Simon Schama, American Future: A History, May 19, 2009


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