Jul 11, 2004 11:26 pm


This morning I was awaken with the news that the International Criminal Court's dismissal of the value of Jewish life has already caused renewed terrorism in Israel and reports of the latest anti Semitic atrocity in France where passenger watched passively six North Africans armed with knives gang up on a young mother, cut her hair and draw Swastikas on her belly while her 13 month old child having thrown out of his carriage lie on the floor of the car. So, it was with special interest that I read the NYT's interview with John Kerry. I came to the following passage:

"But during a particularly long answer, as Mr. Kerry was listing the ways he planned to improve domestic security and said"third" twice, Mr. Edwards broke into a wide grin before correcting him"."Fourth," Mr. Edwards said."You already did third."

"That's why he's good," Mr. Kerry said.

I looked for the four ways in which Kerry would improve domestic security but I could not find it. Apparently the reporters did not think if of interest and they ask why Americans' trust in the printed media has gone down. Thank God for the Internet which carried the complete transcript.

Here is the answer to the question not on domestic security but on making America safer. Perhaps the reporters recognized that in an article written about the complete inadequacy of the intelligence agencies (one shared by the agencies of the rest of the world), basing American security on these agencies is problematic, to say the least.

KERRY: No, we have not talked about that. What we have talked about is making America safer.

Q.What would you do differently in regard to that?

KERRY: Significantly.

EDWARDS: So many ways

KERRY: Significantly. First of all, Homeland Security left ports unsecured. They haven't pushed the kind of port container inspection we ought to have. They haven't asked people in the foxholes facross the country about emergency planning capacity and catastrophic response capacity. We don't have the nuclear chemical plant, physical preparation that's been taking place, firehouses are understaffed, cops are being cut. Drive around and talk to mayors around the country as we have. They'll tell you how they're struggling with Homeland Security. Second, second, the cooperative effort with other countries cannot be overstated in terms of its importance to us. Your intelligence staff, the only way to improve it is with indigenous assets, the only way to have indigenous assets is to have good cooperative relationships when you're in the country and capable of building them. And in the absence of indigenous assets belonging to us, you've got to use other people's. That means you have to have the best cooperation. Everybody understands this administration doesn't have that. They've left relationships in tatters. And the fact is we can do a much better job of providing security to this country by repairing alliances around the world. Third, we have a set of other global issues that are available to us to help bring countries, to sort of build up the well of good will, if you will, so that when you need a vote at to the UN, or you're trying to get people to cooperate, there's more of a relationship to build on, and I'm talking about North Korea, AIDS, Africa, African development, global warming, loose nuclear materials in Russia, there are a series of involvements in Latin America, there are all kinds of things, that if we had a more proactive, sensitive, thoughtful, strategic, engaged foreign policy, we will strengthen our ability to wage the war on terror. Third

EDWARDS: Fourth. You already did third.

KERRY: That's why he's good. This administration has done a really poor job of public diplomacy that is critical to our building up an understanding in the world about the true nature of Islam. The real potential for a dialogue so that we isolate extremists, not have extremists isolate America. I think we can create a climate wherein the Arab world is more prepared to stand up for what is right than they are today given the dynamics this administration has created. So, there are many ways for us to be able to make America safer".

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