Feb 4, 2009 11:31 am


I guess I have trouble going cold turkey. In a monrning which brought news about an Iraqi Woman set up rapes to recruit her martyrs , I had to post this note and link of the video posted below I got from a concerned Muslim friend:

I know this guy, a very nice mild manner young man. He is NOT exaggerating...nothing he is saying is wrong, it is not that they hate us, it is that they are so arrogant that they will never entertain the idea that others have the right to exist. I've seen in a"whyislam" meeting ( an American flag with Allahu Akbar written in Arabic in the middle; it was for"our eyes" only and at the semi annual training session on how to knock other faiths and spread Islam, which have been taking place in several states for about 10 years.

I obtained the ability to go in and get the names, addresses and notes of all callers and all volunteers, gave them to the feds, all thousands of names many who are now teaching a very violent form (yes, the converts) but they can't do anything about it... profiling... CAIR is at the white house, Obama's Muslim contact, buddy is a known terrorist...if Americans do not realize that the Anti Israel is not about Palestine, they couldn't care less, it's about using the anti Semitism and milking it as much as they can. These are people who believe, eat, drink worship the conspiracy theory, WHY? because it is how they think, therefore they assume others do the same...A thief trusts no one, while an honest person trust judge others by who and what you are.

Americans need to wake up...Muslims who ran away from Shariah laws and it's claws know how harsh it is and need to wake up as well. How many of us want to live with the Taliban and believe me, this is what they intend to do...after all, western women are whores therefore, they must be treated very harshly so they won't go astray...I've been to these can we tell the world, how can we tell the government that this damn sensitivity is being used by the most hateful, vindictive, cunning nation on the fact of the earth just to step on us???

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