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Jul 9, 2004 1:11 pm

Mississippi Democratic Party Chair: For Whites Only

Back in the 1950s, the Mississippi Democratic Party openly advertised itself as an enterprise for whites only.

In a typical statement, Tom J. Tubb, chairman of the party, declared in 1955: “I don't believe that the Negro ought to be allowed to vote in Democratic primaries....The white man founded Mississippi and it ought to remain that way." (Earl M. Lewis, “The Negro Voter in Mississippi,” Journal of Negro Education 26 (Summer, 1957), 342).

Now, Reid McKee, a former Liberty and Power blogger, who is the main man at Moteworthy, is publicizing an explosive scandal that brings back uncomfortable memories of the Democratic tradition of Tom J. Tubb .

George Dale, the current Democratic state insurance commissioner, has stated that he and other party officials had sought a white person (and only a white person) to be chair of the party.

I supported the dumping of Trent Lott from the Senate leadership but his comments were tame compared to Dale's. Had these words been uttered by a Republican of similar rank to Dale, I suspect that they would already be headline news. Will the Democratic party demand his scalp (as it did Lott's)? I doubt it.

Listen to Dale’s comments here. They are devastating and crystal clear in their meaning.

Somewhere Tom J. Tubb must be smiling.

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Jonathan Dresner - 7/9/2004

This is why I've been begging people to consider either splitting the Democratic Party (and the Republicans, which would substantially boost the Libertarian Party's position) or developing a process by which party membership can actually be revoked.

Pat Lynch - 7/9/2004

I'm not sure what was worse, Dale's comments or those of the DJ's who seem to agree with him. There's a big difference between attracting any voters, which a party can do with better policies, and having affirmative action policies for party leadership.