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Aug 21, 2009 12:24 am

What If No One Shows Up for PC?

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Delicious! If anyone is more clueless than PC advocates about the real concerns of average people, then it has to be academic PC advocates. Case in point...The University of Iowa held a panel"to discuss sexual harassment with students." No students showed up. So the panel discussion became"how to get young people to focus on the issue." The fact that students -- from first-year to grad-level, from enthusiastic newcomers to wisdom-steeped twenty-somethings -- did not think the free information was worth showing up for did not daunt the panel, whose livelihoods may well be somehow connected with sculpting or enforcing UI policy. They know better than the average student how he or she should be expending their time and attention. It should be spent on what they value, not what the student values. Everyone on that panel should GET A JOB!

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