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Jan 30, 2009 11:44 am

Global Warming Heresy from the Left

When snow is covering the United Arab Emirates for only second time in recorded history it becomes significantly more difficult to sustain belief in the problem of man made global warming. In his most recent column Deroy Murdock documents the growing cracks in the leftist wall of faith in global warming. However, the real reason to read this piece lies in the comments section where the 12th comment down by Concerned Citizen presents an astonishing litany of evidence that the earth is getting cooler. It is testimony to the mendacious nature of the main stream media that more people do not know about the points brought up in this statement.

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Justin Bowen - 2/1/2009

So I went to that link and checked out the comment by Concerned_citizen. His (her?) comments caught my interest. Being the curious person that I am, I decided that I would turn to google and try to find the studies or links to the stories that explain the claims being made. What did I find?

Well, to be honest, I haven't actually delved too deeply, yet. As it turns out, that post is but one variation of what appears to be a chain-post (the forum version of a chain-email) that has made its way around the internet. If one were to actually copy and paste even one of those quotes into google and search for references (it doesn't matter which one), one would be bombarded by numerous links to forums where the same post or some other variation of it can be found. For most of the claims, some links are easily found on the web. For others, one must do some serious digging. At the very least, the fact that this comment, and others like it, is a chain-post ought to give one as much pause as when one hears the claims of the global-warming cultists.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the claims in the posts are not true. It is quite possible that some, most, or all of them are true. What I am suggesting is that intelligent people ought to take both sides' claims with less than a grain of salt. Every issue that one hears about in the public forum has more than one side to it. The proponents of each side have their own agenda. Intelligent people ought to exercise due diligence when taking in any information.