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Jan 29, 2009 12:44 pm

In Defense of Rush Limbaugh: "I Hope He Fails"

The media and others have shamelessly taken Limbaugh's statement that he wants Obama to fail (see above) out of context. Rush may be a defender of perpetual war and an enemy of civil liberties but on this issue he is right.

His essential point was that he hopes Obama will fail in his policy goal to expand governmental control over the economy. To interpret this, as some have done, as claiming that Limbaugh wants the" country" to fail is simply wrong.

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Mark Brady - 1/30/2009

Did readers hope the U.S. invasion of Iraq would fail?

Justin Bowen - 1/29/2009

I am proud to say that I've never listened to Rush Limbaugh (at least not knowingly). This clip is quite possibly the longest period of time that I have ever had the displeasure of listening to him talk. Like you, I hate to agree with him. Also like you, I do.

One other thing. Except for the fact that millions of morons actually watch that channel (and Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC), does anybody actually care about anything that is said by those talking bobbleheads? With the exceptions of John Stossell and Chris Matthews, and perhaps one or two others who I don't know about, almost all of those talking bobbleheads are spineless twits who probably wouldn't be able to form a sentence if someone didn't write it out for them. The only reason that Chris Matthews isn't a spineless twit is because he at least had the testicular fortitude to come out on national TV and announce to the world that he is Obama's mouthpiece.

Keith Halderman - 1/29/2009

Notice how the CNN talking heads completely miss the point being made.

Anthony Gregory - 1/29/2009

But I do on this. On economics he's hypocritical, but not quite as much as Hannity and some others. I think he's semi-consistent on a subsection of domestic policy questions.