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Jul 6, 2004 3:37 pm

Not Just Whistling Dixie

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Pat Lynch - 7/6/2004

I don't disagree with the argument that given the opportunity, Saddam was a bad guy with bad intentions. The question is one of deciding when to spend billions of dollars to fight a war in a country complicated by ethnic divisions and lots of loose arms. I believe the Bush administration exaggerated the threat of WMD to invade distracting us from bigger problems in North Korea and Afghanistan. In theory WMD is a problem in a lot of countries. We have to choose carefully where to exercise our military options to prevent the risk of WMD Using that as the standard I believe the Bush administration chose poorly, very poorly.

Ray Whitener - 7/6/2004

When Inspectors for forced to leave Iraq in 1998 they were unable to account for significant quantities of materials that could be used in the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons.

Of course, Iraq had ample opportunity to "tidy up" before coalition forces arrived and I remain convinced action against Iraq took the county out of the threat equation. Draining world wide swamp of terrorist threat must continue. It will take leadership, resolve and commitment from like minded nations and freedom loving peoples who demand it.

Remember, weapons of mass destruction are ever present and some assembly may be required.