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Jan 14, 2009 1:45 pm

A Great 1960s Spy Show Theme(McGoohan, "Danger Man")

I'm glad that Amy acknowledged the passing of Patrick McGoohan. It deserves to be highlighted on all libertarian blogs.

On a related matter, just about everybody knows the theme to The Prisoner or"Secret Agent Man" but relatively few have heard the catchy original theme to his show,"Danger Man." Here it is:

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David T. Beito - 1/20/2009

Did another theme originally go with the video?

Lawrence H. W - 1/19/2009

David, the YouTube video you link to doesn't actually provide the Danger Man theme. (I know this as a British TV themes otaku. Recommended CD compilation: "The A to Z of British TV Themes," in 3 volumes.) The tune behind the montage is rather a piece of incidental music written for the Danger Man show, entitled "Live Wire". You're right that relatively few know it, but note that it has been covered by the neosurf band Man or Astro-Man? Btw, the Danger Man collection is available on DVD (NetFlix has it), and there's also a Secret Agent soundtrack CD available.