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Jan 14, 2009 12:56 pm

Patrick McGoohan, R.I.P.

Patrick McGoohan
As a writer, a director, an artist, and a class act individual of integrity and vision, he has been an inspiration for well more than half a century. His passionate performances in works from Brand to Braveheart challenged audiences and their views of free will, responsibility, authority, and freedom.

I maintain that his masterpiece, The Prisoner, is one of the most imporant and influential, and to my mind the finest, television series of all time. It certainly has had a lasting impact as a classic text on the nature of liberty.

He was a true and uncompromising original, and he remains an inspiration to generations of creative minds. Patrick McGoohan, Rest in Peace.

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Amy H. Sturgis - 1/14/2009

I remember that too! Good stuff.

Aeon J. Skoble - 1/14/2009

One other thing: why is the font in this post smaller than usual? If it was an inadvertant code change, it seems to have affected all downstream posts.

Aeon J. Skoble - 1/14/2009

By the way: Am I the only one who remembers a terrific pamphlet by Chris R. Tame explaining the libertarian/objectivist themes in the Prisoner, which included extensive discussion of his interpretation of Ibsen's "Brand"? I hope not.

Aeon J. Skoble - 1/14/2009

You beat me to it - I just found out about this. Sad - he was a great actor, and a person of great integrity, and as you note, very influential in promoting ideas of liberty. At least he didn't live to see the surely-pointless remake of The Prisoner they're working on. RIP, Mr. McGoohan.

David T. Beito - 1/14/2009

I remember watching the Prisoner in the first airing. I believe it was a summer replacement for Jackie Gleason! It blew me completely away and I couldn't get enough of it.