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You would not know it from reading the papers but as we count down the last hours and minutes of 2008, the war against the Islamist chapter of Hamas' self described "death industry" continues because that terrorist organization as Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the editor of Arab Times, notes knows nothing about the demands of the living:

Hamas — the mule — knows nothing about the demands of the living except backwardness and trading in religion. Generally, the members of this group consider themselves spokespersons of the Palestinians but they endanger the lives of their people. They seem to have forgotten the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who once said that “guardians are responsible for the citizens.”

Is Hamas responsible for the people in Gaza? Are members of this group respectful towards the people? Isn’t it that they sold their own people to desperate killers?

UPDATE:Iranian newspaper closed for 'anti-Hamas' article:

Editor Mehran Karami said the government order to close the paper came up Wednesday. It said the move followed the publishing of a reformist student group statement saying Hamas is to blame for Israel's assault.

Karami says the statement condemned Israeli attacks but also called Hamas a terrorist organization hiding in schools and thus drawing civilian casualties.

You doubt Al-Jarallah, consider the 2008 list of the Hamas rocket attacks for 2008 and the prior 2008 list.

Hamas' use of hospitals as bases, read about Hamas Women Vowing to Become 'Martyrdom-Seekers' and Blow Themselves Up Among 'the Apes and Pigs' and watch this use of child as a human shield

UPDATEIAF hits Gaza mosque storing rockets

Then see the Israeli Defense forces fight and remember they are fighting because as Israeli foreign minister Livni says they have no choice. They are fighting to protect life, home and hearth. That it the heart of the matter. Here are some longer expositions:

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