Dec 23, 2008 12:15 pm


Just in time.

IDF Colonel Shlomei Dahan, 38, is considered one of the more respected and promising officers in the IDF today. Doctors explain that during the past months, he has been hanging between life and death, seemingly unwilling to give up the battle, fighting to return to his former life.

On 23 July, during the predawn hours, he was summoned to respond to a possible security alert and he was called from his home in the north back to the Gaza district. His driver fell asleep near Magen Jct. and slammed into a tree moving at considerable speed.

Dahan sustained serious head injuries and was evacuated by chopper to the trauma center of Beersheva’s Soroka Medical Center while advanced life support measures were implemented. The accident occurred three weeks before he was to complete his current assignment in the Gaza area. . . .

Family members explain that Sunday, for them, it was a true Chanukah miracle. Dahan opened his eyes and recognized his children Gili, Nadav and Eti. He is capable of understanding verbal communication but his speech is still somewhat difficult to comprehend. The family and the medical team are extremely optimistic.

Today, Monday, he is being moved from the intensive care unit to a rehab unit, where all involved are hopeful he will continue the long painful road to a total recovery.

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