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Dec 19, 2008 11:51 am

GLobal Cooling

According to a column by Deroy Murdock the members of the world wide religious cult of global warming may soon have a lot of explaining to do. It appears the Sun is not cooperating with their much bigger government agenda.

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Keith Halderman - 12/20/2008

Why doesn't the case turn on the sunspot cycle? To me the glaring fault of anthropogenic theory is that man has only been producing excess CO2 in any appreciable amount for about a century, thereby leaving other periods of cooling and warming unexplained. The Sun has always been there. I think the problem with that explanation is that you can not do anything about it, feel guilty about it, make money off it, or accumulate power because of it.

Mark Brady - 12/19/2008

Even before I read Deroy Murdock's article, I was rather wary of what he would say. This is the guy who supported Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination and years ago lambasted the Fed for not inflating enough!

I'm a skeptic of anthropogenic global warming but the case against doesn't turn on the sunspot cycle. Sometimes it seems there are too many journalists and not enough scholars arguing for liberty.

Keith Halderman - 12/19/2008

You write "but given libertarian economic drivel, I would expect that...all I expect is that the human species will continue to screw everything up." But what does the human species or economics have to do with the amount of radiation coming from the Sun?

chris l pettit - 12/19/2008

Look... a silly libertarian trying to "debunk" silly ideologues that use some of the same narrow and myopic views of science and statistics that he does, but from an opposite direction...

Give it up, will you? Science, if anything, is uncertainty...we are a weak and pathetic species trying our best to figure out the world...and we manage to figure out very little of it, and none of it with certainty.

This is not to say that you are correct, as many posts on this blog are as laughable as any "positive" scientist.

You continue to miss the bigger issues about unsustainability, but given libertarian economic drivel, I would expect that...all I expect is that the human species will continue to screw everything up...and when it can find an answer, that they be so self interested that it will be impossible to truly change anything in the first place...if we ever actually accomplish anything it will be by thanks to anyone's theories or debunkments...

critical thought, keith, is a beautiful thing...just because a grand general theory isn't true, does not make its aspects false...or just because some of the aspects are misunderstood, or need to be seen over a greatly extended period of time doesn't disprove the general theory...whichever applies here.

Whatever it means, it does not make you correct by any stretch of the imagination...

Everything is a government conspiracy...the truth is out go find it...