Oct 31, 2008 3:15 pm


My email is filled with brilliant essays with one common denominator. They all agree that Obama, indeed, represents change. What kind of change? An end of the American commitment to world leadership. It would means that Americans, like Europeans before them, tired of the cost attached to leading the pack. It would mean that just like the Soviets before them, Americans are ready to relinquish their super power status.

In other words, it means that Osama Bin Laden would achieve his goal of replicating the 7th century Arab Muslim achievement of destroying the two contemporary super powers, Byzantine and Persia within am amazing short period of time. The fact that Americans would signal their willingness to submit by electing a man called"Blessed Hussein" Obama would be the final proof that the victory belongs to Allah and to those submitting to his will as laid out in the Koran. After all, it was the combination of Islamist terror and Saudi led OPEC low oil production, i.e., high energy prices, which may lead Americans to give up on liberty. Trust me, this is the way Islamists will interpret Obama's election.

Joe Biden predicted that his inexperience would be the reason Obama will be tested by a generated crisis. I predict it would be a crisis generated by Islamists seeking to exploit a stunning victory. Islamist expert Walin Phares agrees with Biden that nothing less than our national survival will be at stake.

I wonder how much blood will be shed and what kind of America will our children and grandchildren inherit??

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