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Oct 28, 2008 12:11 pm

McCain health care plan

Well, here it is finally, a week before the election. The McCain health plan. It includes these pills:

There is a useful chart that I cannot copy as well as a response to an Obama charge that would have been most useful had McCain given it during the three debates in which Obama evicerated him on this subject.

Where Is The Middle-Class"Tax Increase"? If you or your family is in the 28% bracket, with an income of $180,000, you could receive employer provided health insurance even better than a Member of Congress, with a cost of almost $18,000, with no increase in taxes. Even the liberal leaning Tax Policy Center, agrees that the McCain proposals will result in a"net tax benefit" of more than $1,200 for an average tax payer. A recent Lewin Group study estimated savings of more than $1,400 per American family – almost three times the savings as under the Obama plan.

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