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Jun 8, 2004 12:40 pm

Postings on the Office Door

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Aeon J. Skoble - 6/9/2004

David, my experience is pretty similar to yours - when I was a grad student, and during the years when I was a (gypsy) visiting prof, my office door was always sure to have some clipping or cartoon that advertised my unorthodox views. But when I got a tenure-track job, I only posted announcements and very generic stuff. Since having been awarded tenure though, the more pointed stuff has returned. And like your situation, it's the case here that every other prof's door in this building is pasted over with lefty propaganda and market-bashing. So, I'm glad to finally offer some office-door alternatives.

Keith Halderman - 6/8/2004

My all time favorite cartoon is from a strip called In the Bleachers which appears on the sports page of The Washington Times by Moore. It is as consistently funny as The Farside used to be.

The one in question is set in a large stadium with a cow and a cowboy sitting opposite each at a card table in the middle of the field.

The cow is saying yahtzee.

The caption underneath reads "First Annual PETA Rodeo.

Steven Horwitz - 6/8/2004

My favorite one ever, and one which I'm sure drew some raised eyebrows from colleagues, was during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. It was by Mike Ritter and showed Clinton being led away in handcuffs by two cops from a house with a mailbox labeled "feminism." At the door was a woman and child, with her having a black eye and broken arm (the sling says: "lies, perjury, obstruction, harassment"). And she's screaming at the cops:

"No, no! He didn't mean it! He's been under a lot of pressure! He always apologizes! It won't happen again! I don't want to press charges! This is none of your business! ... I need him...."

Whether Clinton's sexual behavior and the his attempts to cover it up were impeachable is another story, but the near-silence of the feminist left in the face of a man who was, by their own standards, pretty much a pig is a sin of omission that I cannot forgive.