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Jun 6, 2004 12:00 pm

Hatchet Job

Like most of my" co-blogers" my view of Ronald Reagan was and is decidedly mixed. I was in college when he was elected to a second term, and opposed to much of what he did in Latin America and social policy. However you have to admire the way he changed the public dialogue and drove liberals bananas. I send out my best wishes and prayers to his family.

However I did want to point out that the extended Reagan bio in the New York Times is a shameless hatchet job. Even in his death the left can't help themselves.

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Pat Lynch - 6/7/2004

It seems to me that newspapers are a little different than politicians trying to score points. We all know that reporters have biases, but the myth of objective journalism creates the notion that what's in the NYT or LA Times or any other significant regional/national paper is "different." It may not be different to folks like us who spend a lot of time thinking about this, but it does to millions of readers.

And for that reason there is a difference, worth noticing I'd say.

Jonathan Dresner - 6/6/2004

Why should the "left" restrain itself just because he's dead? The 'right' isn't restraining itself in its praise for the man, and as your fellow blogger points out ( it's just as political.