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Jun 5, 2004 10:45 am

Triple Crown &Titanic on "Today"

Got up this morning, in anticipation of a Triple Crown victory for Smarty Jones, and decided to turn on the Today show. Rain, rain, rain in the forecast... should be a very wet racetrack, though that didn't stop Smarty from winning the Kentucky Derby.

In-between reports from Belmont Park, one of Today's news correspondents interviewed Robert D. Ballard, who returns to the Titanic for a National Geographicspecial on Monday evening. Ballard was explaining how the Titanic had been damaged by tourists and salvagers. The correspondent was sad to hear all this, and wondered if this constant salvaging meant that the ship would be"damaged beyond repair."

"Damaged beyond repair"?

This is the shipwrecked Titanic we're talking about, right? Laying splintered at the bottom of the North Atlantic, right?

Ballard was infinitely polite in his response, but the expression on his face was beyond classic.

Anyway: Go Smarty Jones!

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