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Jun 3, 2004 9:05 pm

Very Well Said

Since my time for blogging has been non-existent today, here's a lovely summation from Josh Marshall of the troubles justly visited upon the Bush administration at the moment:

Now [Tenet]'s the fall-guy for it all, in all likelihood made to take the fall by the true bad-actors.

Having said all that, beside the possibility that the White House's favored Iraqi exile was an Iranian agent, that the spy chief just got canned, that the OSD is wired to polygraphs, and that the president has had to retain outside counsel in the investigation into which members of his staff burned one of the country's own spies, I'd say the place is being run like a pretty well-oiled machine.

Yes. I think that sums it up very well.

And to think these troubles might be just beginning...

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