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Jun 1, 2004 10:33 am

Che Guevara Chic in the Heart of Dixie

Yes, even at the University of Alabama, students are sporting Che Guevara T-shirts. More than a decade after the fall of the Communism, it is discouraging to see that the image of this cold blooded killer and inept leader has become a popular fashion statement.

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David T. Beito - 6/4/2004

I see your point....but it would nice it that belief could be translated into t-shirts for true heroes who rebelled against oppression such as Thoreau.

Max Schwing - 6/1/2004

Well, this is an old problem, I have already talked about it shortly here:

But to sumarize it:
Since there is not much knowledge about Che Guevara amongst those that wear his shirts, there is not much harm done by wearing them. They are ignorant and blind to the fact that he was a supporter of communism, but rather believe him to be a rebel against a government that is suppresive.
Maybe it is dangerous to forget about Che Guevara's true past, but it is certainly a problem of lower importance, since evasion of history is already thus far as eliminating the dangerous treads about Guevara.