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Sep 9, 2008 7:05 pm

Priceless! Gravel Appalls Pacifica Hosts by Defending Palin

My respect for Mike Gravel has skyrocketed. Whatever you think of Palin, this interview is absolutely priceless. The smug pro-Obama Pacifica hosts are simply left speechless. Gravel gets in a few good licks at the end attacking the Democrats as the party of imperialism.

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Mark Brady - 9/10/2008

And you can read Mike Gravel here at Counterpunch.

Tim Sydney - 9/10/2008

I like the way that the Pacifica reporters say "none of this should even be discussed" and then keep throwing it up. What hypocrites!

Lester Hunt - 9/10/2008

Wow, that was great. Especially the part at the end about the Democrats' responsibility for the war. Bravissimo!

Keith Halderman - 9/9/2008

When it comes to politicians speaking truth to power Ron Paul is number one and he is number 2. Great interview he will never be on that show again.

Gus diZerega - 9/9/2008

I always preferred Gravel over Obama. But I really learned a lot from this interview, and now I like him even more.

Thanks for posting it.