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Aug 29, 2008 5:33 pm

The Palin Pick

Truth in advertising. I despise nearly everything McCain stands for and hope he loses. Having said that, unless the media finds skeletons in her closet, the Palin pick is a very smart move. It reinforces his conservative base and helps him with women and independent voters. He might just win this?! A depressing thought.

Obama's choice of Biden, by contrast, was completely uninspired. Biden's record as the ultimate insider only serves to undermine Obama's "change" message. His best hope was to have reinforced this message by picking an independent Democrat or Republican, such as Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska or Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana.

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Tim Sydney - 9/7/2008

Most of the liberal Democrats hang their hat on a big turnout of African American and youth voters to put Obama over the line. This shows it's not just the evangelical right who believe in miracles.

Anthony Gregory - 8/29/2008

I think McCain will win.

David T. Beito - 8/29/2008

Then again, we may be thinking too much like libertarians. The public may have a different mind-set.

Common Sense - 8/29/2008

I think you are right. A depressing thought indeed.