Aug 27, 2008 12:11 pm


Something scares me this mornings and it is a feeling that Republicans are beginning to feel that the presidential elections are theirs to lose. Hence, all they need to do is avoid rocking the boat. Obama's failure to chose Clinton as his V.P. so alienated her supporters, especially women, that they will either vote McCain or stay home.

Wrong. And McCain the warrior should know it. He must have read Sun Tsu. The fastest way to lose is a failure to exploit the opponent's mistakes. Unfortunately, women have a long history of standing by their men and Hillary told them last night to do so again.

The only way McCain can make sure they will not go home is to provide them with an opportunity to vote for a woman vice president. Otherwise they will go home.

And,yes, it should be a qualified woman. I recommended Kay Bailey Hutchison but I would be just as happy with Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, to name just two exceptional candidates. Either of them would demonstrate that rather than living in the past, McCain understands the present and retains the flexibility and courage needed to lead us into a better future. In other words, selecting a woman would counter the age issue in a most effective manner.

All these women are self made ones. They did not use their fathers (Pelosi) or their husbands (Clinton) to climb the greasy pole. They made it on their own. The reason young women have not flocked to Hillary is because she did not make it on her own. Perhaps, she could have but she did not. And try as she may, the wife and mother husband selling Michelle Obama does not fulfill the DREAMS OF OUR MOTHERS.

A woman vice president would.

So, please, McCain, do not disappoint us. For the sake of the country, demonstrate that you've still got it. Put a woman on the ticket.

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E. Simon - 8/27/2008

Kay Bailey Hutchison is a brave and bold suggestion, but I'll bet anything you he won't do it. And face it, 2nd place is about offsetting the weaknesses of the presidential contender. You haven't even begun that analysis. Nor will you.

Standing by a different man - ("No! Not him! ANY OTHER man will do!") - is still standing by a man nonetheless. And of course, with Hillary's example of standing by BlowJobBill, why would you expect Your Leader to do even that? Nice way for her to set an example.

But of course, as with the PUMAs, reality in general escapes you on this one. Hillary was and is a mediocre candidate at best, and one who ran a horrible campaign. She sure knows how to act the role, and her authoritarian streak turns on many who believe that such an attribute will be put to good use in pummeling the case for female leadership down the throats of anyone who questions whether the gender question is being overblown in this race. But while emulating the Bush presidency might appeal to you, it certainly doesn't appeal to the Democrats who lost their majority in Congress in 1994, thanks to her. Nor does it appeal to anyone who isn't willing to repeat that experience over and over again, in even bigger and more interesting ways.

Love Hillary's Ego, but you'd best keep the hypnotic power of her personality in your pocket, Sistah! (At least for now anyway. With advances in longevity perhaps she could run in 2020 on another single-issue candidacy, and win to have a single-issue administration - a la W. Bush. Now wouldn't that be fun!).