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Aug 22, 2008 11:56 am


Poland and the US sign a missile pact.

Assad is visiting Moscow. He declares his support for Russia in its conflict with Georgia, urges it to cut its ties with NATO and the West and invites it to place missiles in Syria a la Cuba. (Update: Cuba and Venezuela have also expressed their willingness to accept Russian missiles. In addition AND THREATENS TO DEFEAT NATO IN AFGHANISTAN!, see video). Russia happily declares it is "ready to sell Syria arms." Both agree that Iran has"nuclear right." Not enough? Russia is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria

True to form, Obama's man is in Damascus giving advice to Syria on the right handle US.

European response true to form and Geo-strategic and historical interests. France urges appeasement. Bernard Kushner argues that when all said and done, it's all about language.

.The European Union and the West “must invent and work on a new language with the Russians, in their new virile attitude. We are neighbors, linked with energy and problems like terrorism, and we can’t suppress our alliance, facing, for example, Iran. We need an understanding.”

Germany, especially, it's East German raised PM, is less sanguine.

Georgian officials say they were surprised by the strength of Ms. Merkel's show of solidarity last Sunday when she visited Tbilisi, Georgia's capital.

She promised that Georgia would one day join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, despite Russian opposition, and proposed NATO help rebuild Georgia's military and infrastructure. NATO foreign ministers agreed on an aid package at a meeting Tuesday in Brussels.

The Czechs, like the rest of Eastern Europe , know Europe cannot be relied on:

“Hopefully, signing these agreements will end all the hype that the story has generated, and people will come to realize the new geo-political situation,” said Zdeněk Zbořil, a political scientist at the Institute of International Relations in Prague. “The rockets are not aimed at Russia but instead provide cover for our allies who in turn defend us in times of need.”. . .

“It is clear that if Europe wants to become a viable international partner it needs to have one address and one voice. As long as others have to call 27 people before reaching a decision, they will never take the European Union seriously and instead deal with individual states.”


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