Aug 19, 2008 12:02 pm


It is fashionable to compare Barack H. Obama's inexperience with that of John F. Kennedy's. Indeed, even Kennedy's descendents are encouraging the comparison. However, let us not forget that though JFK was indeed inexperienced and awareness of that inexperience led to his being severely challenged by the Cuban Missile Crisis, the American people had reason to believe that when push came to shove, he would not buckle. The same cannot be said about BHO.

Why? Because unlike Obama, he has been tested, and like John McCain had the scars to prove it. Let us recall; PT- 109:

In the early morning darkness of August 2, 1943, in the waters of Blackett Strait in the Solomon Islands, the Japanese destroyer Amagiri sliced an American PT boat in two, leaving its crew for dead in a flaming sea.

Over the next three days, the boat's skipper, a boyish lieutenant from Boston named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, repeatedly risked his life in an effort to summon help until he finally secured his crew's rescue.

Yes, when the going got tough Kennedy got going. Moreover, like McCain, he put his men and country first. Would Obama? Who knows? Let us not forget this is the man who did not hesitate to throw his grandmother under a bus in response to a much less demanding challenge.

Arthur Schlesinger writes that John F. Kennedy used to say that"domestic policy can only defeat us. Foreign policy can kill us." And with the world beyond simmer, there is little doubt that foreign policy will be at the top of the agenda of the next president. We are already dealing with the aftermath of an explosion in Georgia. It is the kind of explosion we were used to deal with during the Cold War. Then, as now, the question is whether we can keep the wars relatively Cold. We were lucky once. Are we are pushing our luck trusting we will be lucky again. Consider:

Musharraf resigned. We must fastened our seatbelts, the most dangerous country just became more so. India is justifiably worried. The infamous ISI is going to be even less muzzled than before. Already Islamist violence in India, most especially in Kashmir has increased. Authorities have not only arrested 9 members of Indian Mujahideen but also an ISI agent:

"The Anti Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh has arrested one ISI agent of Pakistan from Rupaideeha in Bahraich district. We have come to know that his name is Mohamad Masrur alias Manzoor Ansari who is son of Noor Muhammad. He is native of 154/4, Garden west, Adul Jabbar compound, near Nazeer Hotel, Karachi,” Lal said.

Lal also told that the police have recovered sensitive documents including secret documents pertaining to the Indian army, photographs of Kanpur ordnance factory, cartographic details of Lucknow cantonment and other areas.

India accuses Pakistan’’s ISI of supporting a revolt in its Kashmir. Pakistan denies the charges. (ANI)

Let us not forget, both India and Pakistan are in the possession of nuclear weapons. The only difference that India's bomb is not called the"Hindu bomb" but Pakistan is known as the"Islamic Bomb" - It's father, A.Q. Khan has already been released from house arrest. If something really bad happens, will the Indian PM have a Pakistani telephone number to call?

In the meantime, Russia decides that in for a penny, in for a pound. Everybody is condemns us. Let us give them a reason to condemn us even more:

By hosting these, Poland is making itself a target. This is 100 percent" certain, the agency quoted General Anatoly Nogovitsyn as saying.

"It becomes a target for attack. Such targets are destroyed as a first priority," Nogovitsy was quoted as saying.

The Russians hoped that fist pounding will buy them additional allies. It does seem to the working yet. 58% of the Poles respond by supporting the presence of an American missile shield on their soil in the hope it comes with an American security guarantee.

If the Russians are impressed with Ahmadinejad's success in getting away with threatening to"wipe Israel off the map" and close the Straits of Hormuz, they should note even some Saudis have had enough. One Saudi columnist, Saleh Al-Rashed argues that the Gulf states should urge the West to attack Iran before it acquires nuclear weapons because A nuclear Iran is Like a Nuclear Bin Laden.

Can anyone really justify placing the fate of the Democratic world in the hands of an inexperienced, untested man like Obama during these dangerous times?

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