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Aug 12, 2008 10:26 am

ACME Private Defense Company

A hat tip to Nathan Larson for creating the elaborate parody site Acme Private Defense Company. Its mission: An anarcho-capitalist entrepreneur has launched a new business venture that will use deterrence to secure libertarian tax havens against government aggression. The company claims an effective defense system has been the missing link in previous attempts by libertarian secessionists to become independent, and that its services can fulfill that hitherto unmet need.

Acme is in line with Larson's run for the House of Representatives as the LP candidate in Virginia where he is on the ballot. Of course, his run may also be a parody play. At least, the website listing his positions is a lot of fun to read. For example, Larson's position on defense: As Congressman, I will completely abolish the United States military and replace it with an anarcho-capitalistic system. Larson's position on health care: Government should stay completely out of the health care business. It should not regulate nor subsidize any treatments. Medicare and Medicaid should be shut down...

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