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Aug 19, 2008 1:56 pm


A Saudi Billionaire with deep pockets successfully intimidates publishers including Random house.

The Saudis have definitely been feeling their oats. Like many other Muslim countries, they refuse to permit Saudi women to compete in the the Olympics. Ali Alyami argues that it is time to suspend the Saudis from the Olympics. He is not alone.

See one Saudi woman's response:

In addition, after holding a much publicized interfaith conference, Saudis are evicting 15 Christians for daring to worship in the privacy of their own homes.

Small wonder that Fear Stalks Muslim apostates though apparently not an apostate named Obama. It seems that Islamists decided he is a most valuable useful idiot.

Update: Memri has a report on the debate taking place in the Gulf states about the conditions under which churches can be build. But all of the Emirates allow churches to be build with one exception:

Saudi Arabia thus remains the only Gulf state that still bans the construction of non-Muslim houses of worship, despite pressure by the Vatican. According to a Vatican representative in the Gulf, three to four million Christians live in Saudi Arabia; however, the Saudis deny these figures.

Also see, Saudis slam 'racist' Israel for a Nissan ad for a fuel efficient car.

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E. Simon - 8/6/2008

On what theological grounds, praytell, stands the value to Islamists of someone who never thought of himself (and who apparently never intends to think of himself) as a Muslim?

You are one nutty piece of fruitcake, Dr. Klinghoffer. That's one thing you have in common with these Islamists. That, and your theological fantasy of seeing what you want to believe in what doesn't exist.

Reading your column has become like watching a politically twisted version of "The X-Files".

Ralph E. Luker - 8/6/2008

Barack Obama was *never* a Muslim. By definition, therefore, he cannot be an apostate. You are an unuseful idiot.