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Jul 13, 2008

Weak Endnotes

Asian History Carnival 20, in three parts, is up at Jottings from the Granite Studio: Part I, Part II, Part III!

Cliopatria's History Blogroll now includes over 1000 blogs. Some of them are of exceptional merit. We've honored two blogs that are no longer current, Invisible Adjunct and Mode for Caleb, by entering them in the Hall of Fame. IA's archives are, alas, apparently now lost in the ether.* More recently, two other excellent blogs that are candidates for the Hall of Fame, Giornale Nuovo and The Proceedings of the Athansius Kircher Society, have become inactive. Like IA, the Athansius Kircher Society now exists on the net only in references by its admirers.
*Update: See Sharon Howard's correction in comments.

With that reminder that life on the internet is fleeting, there is a group of history blogs that seem to me to be central to history blogging. I don't presume to say that they are The Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs. Nor do I even suggest that they are better than other history blogs that are not on the list. I do mean to say that, without them, history education on the internet would be seriously impoverished. Below the fold are 80 history blogs that I recommend. You'll recognize some of them. Others, you may not yet have discovered:

  • Acephalous
  • AHA Today
  • Airminded
  • Altercation
  • Ancient World Bloggers Group
  • Archaeoastronomy
  • Axis of Evel Knieval
  • BibliOdyssey
  • Blog Them Out of the Stone Age
  • Blogenspiel
  • bookn3rd
  • The Bowery Boys
  • Britannica Blog
  • Built History
  • Cabinet of Wonders
  • Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History
  • Chapati Mystery
  • The China Beat
  • Civil War Memory
  • Civil Warriors
  • A Corner of 10th Century Europe
  • Curious Expeditions
  • Dan Cohen
  • Digital History Hacks
  • A Don's Life
  • Durham-in-Wonderland
  • Early Modern Notes
  • Early Modern Whale
  • Easily Distracted
  • The Edge of the American West
  • edwired
  • Eunomia
  • Europe Endless
  • Frog in a Well
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Got Medieval
  • Historiann
  • A Historian's Craft
  • Historiblogography
  • History is Elementary
  • History Unfolding
  • Hugo Schwyzer
  • In the Middle
  • Informed Comment
  • Investigations of a Dog
  • Jottings from the Granite Studio
  • Lawyers, Guns, and Money
  • Legal History Blog
  • The Little Professor
  • Mercurius Politicus
  • more than 95 theses
  • New Kid on the Hallway
  • The Nonist
  • Obscene Desserts
  • Old Is The New New
  • OUP Blog
  • PhDinHistory
  • PhDiva
  • Pink Tentacle
  • Politics & Letters
  • Positive Liberty
  • Progressive Historians
  • The Proletarian
  • Public Historian
  • Religion in American History
  • Rogue Classicism
  • Rustbelt Intellectual
  • Siris
  • Steamboats are ruining everything
  • Strange Maps
  • Talking Points Memo
  • Tenured Radical
  • Trench Fever
  • Tropian
  • U. S. Intellectual History
  • Varieties of Unreligious Experience
  • Walking the Berkshires
  • Westminster Wisdom
  • Whitman's Brooklyn
  • wood s lot
  • Zoom
  • zunguzungu

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    More Comments:

    elementaryhistory teacher - 7/22/2008

    Thank you so much for including History Is Elementary. It is an honor to be included with so many great sites, and to be mentioned by you.

    roy booth - 7/16/2008

    I am very gratified to be on the list. Sometimes the things I write about seem obscure even to me... no, actually, most of the time.

    New Kid on the Hallway - 7/13/2008

    Thanks, Ralph!

    Sharon Howard - 7/13/2008

    The IA archives aren't lost; they can be found at the Internet Archive:


    And thanks for the mention!

    Jeremy Young - 7/12/2008

    We at ProgressiveHistorians are honored by our inclusion on this excellent list. Thank you!

    Alun Adler - 7/12/2008

    Appreciate the mention for Cardinal Wolsey - thanks. Will have to keep the posts going now!

    Edward Carson - 7/12/2008

    Thanks for the Rec. from the Proletarian. I have an interesting piece about academic freedom you might find of interest.