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May 30, 2008 6:51 am

Can You Really Love Your Country?

Why do people get upset with Barack Obama for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel or with Michelle Obama for suggesting she’s not been proud of her country until now? Why is failing to “support the troops” regarded as a sin?

I ponder such questions in my op-ed, "Can You Really Love Your Country?" at The Future of Freedom Foundation website.

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Sheldon Richman - 6/3/2008

A country is not a person.

Randll Reese Besch - 6/2/2008

This whole flag pin crap is just surface love. When the troops come home wrecked they don't get the treatment their work deserves. Use then abuse. More have become homeless and committed suicide than ever before! Where is the support there? When they can't kill the enemy (harmless people in their own country) then the soldier becomes invisible or at least of less importance. That shows me whether the support is for the war but not the warrior. The soldier must not fight a war that is a crime like the occupation of Iraq. They must not accede to illegal orders to fight. So far just a few have done the right thing which is also very brave.

Allan Walstad - 6/1/2008

I believe my wife loves me, despite my considerable faults. That doesn't mean she would support every misguided thing I say or do, but it does mean that she tries to see the best in me and nurture the best, that she would try to shield me from harm, as I would try to shield her.

In somewhat the same way, yes, I think you really can love your country. At least, that's a hypothesis I'm willing to submit for consideration.