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May 28, 2008 9:05 pm


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Mark Brady - 6/3/2008

I was using the expression "Islamofascist" ironically. You seem to be using the term literally. What exactly do you understand by this word? Is it a coherent concept? What is specifically "fascist" about an Islamofascist?

simon j humphries - 6/2/2008

There is however nothing about the photos posted to suggest that the three persons concerned are NOT so-called Islamofascists, since we are not told anything about their views on the use of violence to achieve certain ends. Neither for that matter would photos of dark-skinned males with straggly beards imply that they advocated the use of violence either. Indeed posting a photo of the latter type would presumably be an attempt to promote the inference that we should be worried about people who looked and dressed that way. We would then , rightly, suspect the motivation of the poster. Perhaps we should too in the case of posting photos of attractive young women. So, again the question, what's your point?

Mark Brady - 5/30/2008

I'm certainly not claiming that an attractive woman cannot be a totalitarian. Nor am I claiming that fundamentalist Muslims go around exposing the top half of their breasts in public. My point is that Hezbollah (and, for that matter, Hamas) enjoy wide support among many young people throughout the Middle East and North Africa who are both far removed from Islamic fundamentalism and sympathetic to modernity, and that their support for these groups suggests that Hezbollah and Hamas address deeply held grievances among Palestinian and Lebanese people. These organizations and their supporters should not be written off as Islamic fundamentalists who "hate the West."

Craig J Bolton - 5/28/2008

I guess I don't get your point. Presumably you aren't claiming that (1) no totalitarians are attractive women or (2) fundamentalist Muslims go around in public with the top half of their breasts exposed.

So your point is?