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May 21, 2008 3:20 pm

Burning Down the House

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

I see that a film dramatisation of the Waco massacre is in the works. The good news is that the producer of the documentary Waco: Rules of Engagement is involved, which presumably means that the film will take an anti-government stance.

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Tim Sydney - 5/23/2008

If Hilary is next President expect the movie to be a hit.

Tim Sydney - 5/23/2008

I think these comments were meant for the Roderick Long item "More IP..." not the Waco one.

Roderick T. Long - 5/22/2008

Stephan, I thought of that too (though I didn't know the name of the case), but I think you intended it to be a comment on my IP post, not on my Waco post.

Stephan Kinsella - 5/22/2008

Roderick, your comment brings to mind the terrible reasoning of Wickard v. Filburn, which said that Congress could prohibit a guy growing wheat on his own farm to feed to his own animals and for his own use, since, if everyone did that, it would affect interstate commerce. Or some BS like that (no offense, libertarian centralists and worshippers of the Supreme Court).

Craig J Bolton - 5/21/2008

I have a bookcase filled with documents on this topic, but I am amazed that there is anyone else who still gives a damn about what I had thought was a thoroughly buried episode of American fascism at work.

If Mike McNulty is producing this movie it will probably be great, but it would be even better if he corroborated on the script with David T. Hardy. Yes, Hardy is a foreign policy fascist in his own right and a Bush "conservative," but on this topic his head is screwed on right.;s=books&qid=1211424262&sr=8-6