May 21, 2008 10:32 am


China, India, in particular Brazil. They are growing so fast that they are consuming more and more energy, and pretty soon, if their [carbon] footprint even approaches ours, we're goners. . . .

We can't -- drive our SUVs and you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on you know, 72 degrees at all times, and whether we're living in the desert or we're living in the tundra, and then just expect that every other country's going say OK.

You guys go ahead and keep on using 25 percent of the world's energy. Even though you only account for 3 percent of the population, and we'll be fine. Don't worry about us. That's not -- that's not leadership. That's not going to happen.

Populist Huey Long wanted all Americans to share their wealth. Barack Obama wants the whole world to do so. Huey Long wanted to take from rich Americans to give to poor Americans. Barack Obama wants to take from Americans and give to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans.

The American dream is the promise to be rich together. Nations adopted Capitalism to become rich. They succeeded. But Obama does not wish to see the world as rich as America or Europe. He does not argue that we should accept the fact that as others become richer we may become relatively poorer. He wants us to become poorer so as to stop others from becoming richer.

That is the real meaning of" cutting our carbon footprint." He is right. As the Communist regimes so effectively proved, the easiest way to keep everybody poor is by adopting the Marxist motto."To each according to his need; from each according to his ability."

Marxist like Obama believe that the reason the Communist countries failed is because they could not compete with the wealth the Capitalist US created in the West.

But if Communism can be universalized, the masses will have no choice but accept a reduction in their standard of living. Of course, American acquiescence is essential for such a plan. Indeed, it will take just such self sacrifice to make Michelle Obama proud of the country.

And what if Americans say no? We will destroy the planet or the rest of the world would punish us, warns Obama. Or as his pastor says:"American chickens will come home to roost."

Talking about fear mongering. With every passing day, he seems more and more like a KGB Manchurian candidate.

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Randll Reese Besch - 6/2/2008

Too bad that reality is going to hit us in a bad way. Living too high,too wasteful, too much and demand it forever just will not last in the present economy we have. China,India and Brazil can't copy our poorly run system or we shall all feel the tug of too much want for a fragile and finite ecosystem.
The original idea was that emerging nations will get the benefit of newer, cleaner, more effecient technologies while we scale back an insert the new tech to replace the older dirtier machines of civilization.
That would be a better saner way.

E. Simon - 5/20/2008

Klinghoffer proves she'd like to make her politics incompatible with science.

And with virtually every other form of knowledge.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm all for replacing our cities with large, underwater communities, spreading malaria and other tropical disease throughout the U.S., droughts and squeezing every last drop of oil from the ground until gas hits $15 a gallon and the rest of us are forced to take public transportation. But see, it would kill the economy to do that.

So who's the real capitalist, Klinghoffer? The one who wants ease the transition of our economy into one that is possible in the future, or the one whose wealth is protected from such pithy concerns as inflation, falling levels of economic growth and other macroeconomic nonsense?

Nancy Coppock - 5/20/2008

Obama is even more dangerous than a Manchurian Candidate. Having studied Saul Alinsky, Obama has achieved the ultimate political jujitsu. Obama pronounces from on high what can or can not be said about himself, his wife, and his beliefs and the popular media doesn't even blink. Even Stalin had to use force or at least the threat of force to keep control of the topic.

Political correctness has produced its final fatal sting. The AUDACITY of hope, indeed. We thought Slick Willie was a wily contender. Obama makes the Slick-ster look like a piker when it comes to dissembling and lying. Obama doesn't have to bite his lip. Interesting that both are empty suits when it comes to reality.