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May 11, 2008 2:35 am

Mounting U.S. casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq

Real Clear Numbers: 101,000 U.S. Casualties a Year.

"Here's how the figures add up, just for Americans. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have thus far produced 300,000 psychological casualties, 320,000 brain injury casualties, plus 35,000 (probably understated) officially reported"normal" casualties. This adds up to 655,000 US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, an average of just under 101,000 Americans killed or wounded every year since the wars began. If the idea of 101,000 casualties for every extra year in Iraq and Afghanistan gets out and infects the voting public, imagine the effect on the currently torpid national debate over leaving in five years versus fifteen years!"

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Mark Brady - 5/12/2008

That's not me writing but Alexander Cockburn, with which I agree.

Keith Halderman - 5/12/2008

I think you are correct about that.