Apr 24, 2008 4:23 pm


It may be very worth while watching 60 minutes this Sunday. It has a segment on Israeli preparation to deal with the Iran threat. You can have a preview here. It included these common sense observations:

Israeli air force veterans of that mission talk to Simon about it and cockpit video vividly replays the moment. The Israelis hope they won’t have to undertake such a mission today, but a bombing mission to Iran, if undertaken, is a different thing, the veterans of the 1981 attack say.

Zeev Raz, the commander of that mission, compares the situations."We had one point to destroy. They have many points, many of them deep under the mountains…underground and it’s a much more complicated problem [than in] 1981," he tells Simon."I really hope it will be solved another way. There is only one thing worse than the Israel air force having to do it - Iran having a nuclear bomb," says Raz.

Simon speaks to several current Israeli pilots and 60 Minutes cameras catch them in training. The air force is Israel's elite service, allowed by law to select the best people from the entire military-age population, all of whom must serve. Only one in 40 pilots is given the controls of a jet fighter in what is considered the best air force in the Middle East. It has to be, says Col. Ziv Levy, an air base commander."We spend a lot of time and a lot of effort in training and being prepared for the worst. We cannot lose a single war. The first war we lose, Israel will cease to exist," he tells Simon.

Hillary's comment that the US can totally obliterate Iran if it dares obliterate Israel leaves me cold. It merely means that once again millions of Jews would die before anyone lifts a finger.

As for Ahmadinejad he truly seems to be looking forward towards martyring the Iranian people for it would solve Iran's economic difficulties.

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