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Apr 23, 2008 11:36 am

Government Worship

Anthony Gregory has an important essay titled “Why Waco Still Matters” posted on He ends his piece this way; ”It is rather the statist mindset – the ideology of state worship, on both left and right – that has brought us a standing army of militarized police forces in every corner on this country. Those forces were tyrannical before Waco, and they have been so ever since. Waco is not necessary to indict the police state. But it really should be sufficient to do so. That it has not been for so many people reveals the problem.”

I wish to add an anecdote that illustrates Anthony Gregory’s last point. Back in the 1990s I participated in Waco protests organized by Carol Moore author of the book Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco Which Must Be Answered. One time someone, either a patriot or an individual with a perverse sense of humor, granted us a permit for the Ellipse right across from the White House on the same day as the traditional Easter egg roll. About ten of us showed up to display our crosses representing each person killed and an outstanding banner, created by Ian Goddard, depicting the tanks crashing into the building. Meanwhile, the tens of thousands of people waiting for hours a mere 15 yards away, seeking their chance to step foot on some of government’s most hallowed ground, treated us, for the most part, with profound indifference. They reminded me of a line for communion only instead of the body of Christ they would receive paper bunny ears and a cheap plastic egg. In a just and knowledgeable world the number of protestors and the number of worshippers would have been reversed.

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