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Apr 21, 2008 2:10 am

Legacy of Empire

PerryAnderson explains all you need to know about Cyprus.

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Sudha Shenoy - 4/22/2008

1. It is interesting that Perry Anderson begins with the British administration of Cyprus in 1878. Apparently Cypriot history was a blank sheet before then, or else Ottoman rule (c. 1570-1878) had no impact at all. Nor did Venetian rule before that (c.1489-1571.)

2. Greek Cypriots of course joined mainland Greeks when elements of the latter sought to replace the Ottomans c. 1821. Greek politicians have intervened since in Cypriot politics, as also the (non-imperial) Turkish politicians after 1918. But as Greeks are victims of imperialism, & the Ottoman empire ceased in 1918, these interferences are, of course, non-imperial. But it would be fascinating to assess just what sort of role they played in Cypriot political history of the 20th century, as compared with the imperial British administration & the would-be imperial American officials.