Apr 16, 2008 11:12 am


O.K., I admit I do not know his number but the comparison is far too tempting to ignore don't you agree? Police chief found with six nude women:

Police chief Gen. Reza Zarei, was caught in a police raid on an underground brothel and found with six naked women believed to be prostitutes, which is illegal in Iran. . . .

Zarei was in charge of a program to clean cities from corruption and has arrested plenty of young men and women for illicit relationships or not respecting the Islamic dress code.

In recent weeks state media had reported that Zarei would be replaced but made no mention of his arrest or the reasons that led to his detention since such issues are considered a taboo in Iran, a country where even talking about sex is frowned upon by hard-line clerics.

Iran's strict Islamic rules allow little mixing of the sexes, and young Iranians have been jailed and lashed for socializing and dancing together at parties.

The strict laws are supposed to protect female virtue but in reality Iran's women are far from protected. A woman seen in the video bellow entitled"Women in Hell," says:

"Life is unbearable for women in Iran, I want to leave the country, just to get out to anywhere where life can be bearable. I have a daughter and when she was born, I was not happy, because her life in Iran is worth nothing."

The video, Frieda explains, does not only deal with prostitution but also with human trafficking:

It is an interview with a prostitute who used to be a travel agent. she turned to prostitution to make more money for herself and her daughter. She talks about how its a fashionable thing to go to Dubai and other Arab countries to become prostitutes there since the pay is much better. According to her, they are now agencies who recruit young girls for such jobs.

Where is American feminist anti-Iran & anti-arab marches and demonstrations?? it's easy for many lefties group to call Bush a Hitler but they dare not say anything bad to these regimes.

Yes, good old Dubai, apparently, is a prostitution paradise and Iranian women their"willing" inhabitants. Just the place New York's client no. 9 may appreciate.

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