Apr 9, 2008 2:07 pm


The inimitable Jackie Mason, tells it like it is. Arguing that Wright also said non hateful things is no different than arguing that a murderer did not murder everybody with whom he came in contact. Nor do terrorists merely terrorize, for that matter. No, I am not being facetious. What precisely is the difference between Trinity and an Islamist Mosque which also runs a madrassah, health clinic and is involved with charity organizations? True, to my knowledge Trinity has not produced any terrorists but the connection between terror and such hate spewing Muslim clerics has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Gil Troy writes that as an American he is"hurt that someone who wants to be President of the United States can be so casual about influential community leaders bashing the country." Indeed, he adds,"Mister"Yes We Can" is striking me as Mister"Maybe I will stand up for my country, only if it is convenient, and as long as it does not offend the people immediately around me, who are paying attention this minute."

Actually, the implications of Obama's argument are far more poisonous. For it does not only provide cover for domestic hate mongers like Wright but also to foreign hate mongers like Ahmadinejad. After all, Ahmadinejad does not only deny the holocaust or call for the elimination of Israel from the map. As the president of Iran he also deals has to keep the trains running on time. Nor is Nuclear Day the only Iranian holiday. Small wonder Obama cannot wait to negotiate with him. After all, Obama can no more disown Ahmadinejad than he can disown all Muslims or all Asians.

Nothing can suit Ahmadinejad better than an Obama presidency. I can almost hear him tell his opponents:"See, I told you we have nothing to worry about. 'Blessed' Barack must be a sign from Allah that our time has come. He is sure to see the justice of our nuclear cause. Indeed, as a person of color, he must resent the idea that only"typical white and yellow countries" should be permitted to possess nuclear weapons. He is even eager to turn over Iraq to us. You see, his spiritual leader has taught him, carefully taught him, that his primary loyalty is to Africa, not the United States. Indeed, the United States deserves to be punished and a defeat in Iraq would be it's just desert. Certainly, the world would be better of if the 'Great Satan' had less power. His spiritual leader even agrees with us that G-d should damn America.

The fact that Americans are willing to elect such a man as their president shows that we, Islamists, were right. America, like the Soviet Union, is exhausted and ready for the picking. All we need to do is to follow the Blessed Barack's prescription of dealing with whites: Be courteous, smile and make no sudden moves!"


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