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Apr 28, 2004 5:31 pm

Great Line

"Liberals like to equate crime in the streets with 'crime in the suites.' But nobody is unwilling to go outside their homes at night for fear Martha Stewart will sell them some stock."

Thomas Sowell

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Sheldon Richman - 5/5/2004

Stewart is no Ken Lay.

Gus diZerega - 4/29/2004

Muggers do damage retail, Ken Lay and company do damage wholesale.

One takes money that you are carrying with you, the other takes your retirement.

One uses immediate fear, the other hides behind a shield of high priced lawyers and the power of the governemnt to proetct them from the fate they so richly deserve.

Sowell is an apologist and little more - especially his using Stewart as an example. She is small potatoes - a tater tot really - compared to what the big boys did. But they have better connections. They contribiute to W and the Republicans.

Jonathan Dresner - 4/29/2004

Nobody ever changed their mind about investing because of a fear of mugging, either, I venture. Which does more harm, oh ye free-marketeers?