Apr 7, 2008 3:59 pm


Does Rice want to be considered a vice presidential candidate. I believe so. Why else would she start talking about race other than burnish her credentials as an authentic Black person? After all do not forget hate monger Wright does not only rant against US"racist superpower" but also against Blacks who do not tow his line including Rice whose name he intentionally mispronounced as"Condoskeeza."

You can listen to her discussion here. It is very worth while to take listen to the full 8 minutes rather than read snippets

She does argue that the US has"a birth defect" because"Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country together — Europeans by choice and Africans in chains." An only partially correct argument as many whites did come to the US involuntarily as indentured servants. Moreover, if the US has that birth defect so does the rest of the American continent as well as the Middle East. That is the reason the Black community views lighter blacks as superior not only in this country but all over Asia and Africa.

But Rice does insist that Blacks love this country and, merely, strive to gain a more equal footing in it. Most importantly she shares George W. Bush's disdain of"the soft bigotry of low expectations." I wish she spent more time talking about that than argue that Blacks today are doing poorly because their ancestors were slaves. That excuse did more harm to blacks than anything whites have ever done. If prominent blacks fail to make it, they will be charged as Shelby Steel so carefully explains with letting whites off the hook.

And a Black woman who wants to be vice president cannot afford to so. Yes, Condi Rice, unlike Barack Obama, is qualified to be vice president. Still, if she is offered the job, it will also be because she is both a woman and black.

It is interesting to note that her views on gender are sought far less than her views on race. Stay tune.

Dan Senor : Condi actively campaigns for VP Told you so!

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Elliott Aron Green - 3/29/2008

Years ago, open housing for all races was a major issue in the United States. Curiously, most of those so vociferous on the issue in the past, are silent or on the wrong side when it comes to Jews' rights to live in Judea-Samaria [also called "West Bank"], Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Opposition to open housing for Jews even applies to Jerusalem, a city which has had a Jewish majority since the mid-19th century. One might call this position "racist."

Yet, secretary of state Rice, whose on own people has suffered from denial of open housing, wants to restrict Jewish rights of residence in the abovementioned areas. How should she be judged?