Mar 23, 2008 11:51 pm


Obama’s speech meets unsympathetic ears with Americans

Of those who knew about the controversy and the speech, we asked, “Taking all this into account, are you more or less likely to support Obama for president?”

Less likely (52%)
More likely (19%)
About the same (27%)
No opinion (2%)

Pope risks Muslim anger by baptising controversial journalist Why did he do it?!

John Rosenthal, Nabucco Follies: State Department Shills for EU Pipeline to Carry Iranian Gas If you ask me this is a much bigger problem than the candidate passport imbroglio.

Alan Johnson When Pacifism is Not Enough A very expensive lesson.

Critics decry woman on Afghanistan's"American Idol" for being too immoral!

Lima Sahar, who came third, has to wear a body-enveloping burqa when she ventures outside her home in the extremely conservative southern province of Kandahar. A woman from Herat received death threats after a mid-performance headscarf slip exposed her hair and she was voted off, sparking angry demonstrations in the eastern province bordering Iran and allegations that the voting had been rigged against her.

Tibetans in Indian exile sing"We Shall Overcome." Some songs travel very well, indeed.

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