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Apr 26, 2004 4:07 pm

Our Article on the The Emmett Till Conspiracy

Our article on Emmett Till, co-authored with Linda Royster Beito at Stillman College, has appeared at the History News Network. It explores the theory that Till was killed by a conspiracy:

"Nearly fifty years ago, one of the most sensational murders in American history took place. In August 1955, two white half brothers, J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant, kidnapped Emmett Till, a fourteen year old black boy, from his great uncle’s home. Several days later, his brutally beaten and horribly disfigured body was fished out of the Tallahatchie River. What had Till done to merit such treatment? Witnesses said that he wolf-whistled, and perhaps made suggestive remarks, to Bryant’s pretty young wife while buying bubblegum at Bryant’s store in the hamlet of Money, Mississippi."

Read the rest here.

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